Question of the week of 03/27/16

**Q. When inspecting the attic in a home with a HIP roof you would likely find different trusses installed to frame the HIP. All the trusses listed below are used to frame a HIP roof.

True or False?**

Creeper truss
Bowstring truss
Step down truss
Bell truss


False :lol:

Well, that ain’t gonna work.:shock:

Question still open.


creeper- true
bowstring- true
stpdown- ?? false

What? I have never seen a hip built with a bowstring or a bell truss, unless it was a Pizza Hut.

Brad is correct.

Congrats Brad. :wink:

Just to clarify.

All the trusses I posted were verified as members of the HIP family by 2 reliable sources.

Of the 4 examples I could find proof of 3 in use for a HIP roof.
Creeper truss
Step truss
Bell truss

I found no working example for a bowstring in a HIP although I did find reference to it as being used in a HIP assembly, no picture. I guess I was wrong on that.
I was a carpenter and built lots of projects over the years but I will never be famous for my framing skills.

Bradley say false and false it is.

Thanks for clarifying Paul. If a bowstring truss was used, it would be a dome roof. Debates welcome if that qualifies as a hip.

Congrats Brad. I’ll buy you a pizza! At Pizza Hut only.

You got it, but not in Illinois.:cool:

Ohh, that’s cold. But the State of Chicago’s pizza is the best. Oops, that sounds like a can opener. Did I just open a can o worms??

The worm cans are never closed at Internachi:mrgreen:

Congratulations, Brad!