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Sam got it.

All my statements were false.

Congratulations Sam. Well done.

Good question Paul. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! Florida books please!

didn’t I state that in message #2?
none of the above.

You have no clue I am sure! Now I know you are full of crap!

If there is no room in the attic for your assortment of trusses the only alternative is balloon on a gable end.
This is my home and I build it with all trusses engineered for better wind load.
In addition …None means none are true. So! For those with weak minds…Another translation…All are false.
What a bunch of jokers.



  1. not any.

If this was a balloon framed gable end instead of a drop truss the damage would not have been this extensive…

I won this with my answer…So! grin and bear it…

If the lateral bracing would have been installed at the truss chords to the gable end, it might not have blown out with the pressure.

You gave an incorrect answer to the question.

For the week of 03/13/2016

First correct answer gets a box of “Now that you’ve had an inspection books.”

Balloon framing was popular for a time and a fast way to build a structure but it gave way to platform framing.

What statements below are false?

Balloon framing was better because:

  1. It was easier because of the work platforms which were part of balloon framing?

  2. It was more fire resistant?

  3. It had lower heating costs?

  4. There was less shrinkage as the building dried out?

1, 2, 3, 4, or all the above.

Yep, None of the above is not the same as All of the above.:stuck_out_tongue:

That’s not even a drop gable…well, it is now.

By the way, we were always required to build the gable end as continuous (balloon) when the the ceiling was vaulted.


Got the books today, thank you!

Glad to hear it.:slight_smile:

They should have been mine!
Just Jokin…Not!

Want me to send them to you?

no! I don’t need them

Roy what will you use for a seat in your truck now .lol

Phone books…