Question on entry door......

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Don’t entry doors going into the house from the garage have to be on a spring loaded hinge??? Or does this differ from state to state?

I was under the assumption it was required.:roll:

I have never seen one like that here. I like to have the door open when the bay door is open, like for parties, etc.

This is up to AHJ.

I believe this has been removed from IRC.

Not seeing them on new construction.

Required in Ontario on all homes .
It is a saftery hazard .
We have had people over come from car fumes with car running in Garage. Doors also must be gasketed.

Roy Cooke

Required in my area as well.

required here also

Not seen here in Pa.

I guess in Pa, if you run your car in your garage, leave your door open, and go inside for a nap, it’s just filtering the gene pool. :slight_smile:

But seriously, I’ve been hearing of problems with people with a handicap being injured by these doors. The two handed operation of holding open a door, and holding a railing while walking up a few stairs can be a challenge to some.


Self-closing devices are required by the UBC, not by the IRC.

Jeff, forgive me for being naive, does UBC stand fro Uniform Building Code? Whats IRC. And, if UBC does stand for that, I guess it is no question to call this item out? This is a brand new house. Thanks

Greg, I just looked at Colorado Springs Building Codes, they seem to follow the Uniform Building Code, which requires self-closing hinges.

Unless of course the AHJ made a change (which certainly happens).


Just to reiterate - the Uniform Building Code (UBC), Section 302.4 requires the door to be self-closing. Colorado follows the UBC, so it’s a safe bet, that this is a requirement (rather than calling it a “requirement,” recommend that one be installed).

The International Residential Code (IRC) no longer requires this. . .

We in Canada are do not use code But I do call them out as a safety concern and recommend Immediate repair
Roy Cooke


No requirements in my state for Residential Housing, unless the Housing carries a handicap (ADA) designation of usage. The obvious framing, seals, gasketing, thresholds are required, but have never seen auto closures on a Garage Door to Living Space, other than Owner add-on.

Thank you to all of you who took the time to answer this post! I appreciate those of you who answer with your well thought out replies.


Great place isn’t it Greg?

Yes it is Tony!

Each state has adopted the Code it wants to adhere to—check with your state to see which is used there. (IRC - UBC, etc)

Then check with the local AHJ in each area and see what they want to do.(AHJ doesn’t always follow the code)

There is no real set of rules for this, and it can be taxing trying to determine what is and isn’t correct.

If the stairway corridor is rated properly, only the door at the top of the stairs needs to be fire rated. Otherwise, only the first door from the garage needs to be fire rated.

The self-closing requirement only applies in jurisdictions where the UBC is enforced.

I’ve never seen self closing doors (in garage area) here in Massachusetts but every one of my reports (Garage Section) recommends them.