Question on MIC

Do I have to buy the brochures and signs from the Inter-NACHI site? My cousin owns a printing & sign company. Since I’m a member in good standing, can I download the info, and have her print them up for me?

Your response is appreciated.


Have them printed anywhere you wish.

yes you can have anyone print the signs…

Start with ONE SIGN as this is not a successful program at all.

MIC is our most successful program ever. Read:

I gotta tell ya. I crack up when I read some the responses to questions. I guess it’s just like anything, 50% like them, and 50% don’t. I think I’ll try to sponsor an upcoming Board meeting, and present this. We’ll see what happens. I am going to send out an email to all my contacts on the program. Hey, anything that will help.

Thanks to all.