Question on Orlando Area Housing

Could use some help - My son is working at Disney in Florida and is looking for a house around the area. He has been looking at Manufactured housing.

I would like to have a conversation with a fellow NACHI inspector working down there to ask some questions about this type of housing and potential problems that might be unique to Florida.

Gerry Beaumont will be presenting a 6 hour Manufactured Housing Course on Oct. 21st in Chicago. Gerry is from Florida. Go to

Ken, we’d love to see you in Chicago, alternatively please contact me privately and I’ll help you and you son if at all possible.



Hi Ken,

I have lived in the Central Florida area for over 25 years. I will be glad to help also if you need it after talking with Gerry.


Thanks guys for the quick response - that’s one of the reasons I llike NACHI -

Here is my concerns - We have manufactured housing here in IN, and I have taken a Manufactured home inspection course - I know how there built etc.

My son has been drawn to them due to price - most stick builts in the Orlando area he’s seen run 175k and up. He is a single guy, making good money, but he’s young and doesn’t have much down payment, nor could he handle a payment for a house that price - so he’s seen manufactured homes in the low 100’s. He tells me there are large developments that he doesn’t own the ground, but just the house itself. He would have to pay his mortage, plus they want $400 a month for assoc. fees. He wouldn’t pay any property tax - that’s in the $400 monthly fee.

I’m not familure with this type of thing up here. Is a development like this common down there?

Are there lots of manufactured homes down there?

With all the storms, can you get insurance for a manufactured home?

Would you have any info on whether they hold their value?

I know up here they are usually cheaper, but you still own the land their put on and have to pay property tax.

He was told banks would only give a 15 year mortage and they wanted 10% down. Up here you can finacnce them with 5% down for 30 years if you want.

I know there questions don’t have anything to do with inspections, but would apreciate any guidence on the housing market down there.



Gerry - Arn’t cell phne great - we’re having a storm on top of it - Thanks for your call and comments - I’m going to tell him to move away from the manufactured housing - look for stick built, even if he has to start looking furthur from his office at Disney.

Thanks again -

I’m going to try to get over to Chicago for the class -



Yes you can get insurance if you have a mortgage.

No they do not hold their value in most cases.

Stay away from stick built. A wood frame home is a poor investment in Florida. He should buy a cement block home.

There are many manufactured home community’s along the 192 in Davenport, very easy and short drive to Disney. I have done some inspections on manufactured homes my last client told me she was quoted between $1,500 & $2,000 for insurance.