Question on Sky Light

Hey Guy-

The roof was added about 5 years ago. I’m not for sure if the sky light was added then or not. Is the metal flap on the top installed correctly here? I didn’t know, or couldn’t tell, if there was an underneath flashing and this visible one just set on top or if in fact this one was suppose to go under the shakes. I didn’t see any evidence of moisture staining on the sheetrock in the house or the wood structure in the attic. Thanks.


First picture looks normal, but that top flashing should be underneath from what I can tell.

Something just don’t look right with that picture.

Might be a model I have never seen before. :):smiley:

Dont look right from your picture and hard to tell. I would rec. a roofer to inspect it. Also the shakes on the side are right up against the curb and when I intall shakes I like to have a water channel to let the water flow out. When there tight like that they like to dam debris up and then next is the water…my 2 cents

It looks just like my Roto Roof Window head flashing.

I don’t see a problem with it.

You still install shake in CA? You can’t insure your home in SoCal if you have shake rooing. . .

This skylight is leaking at the saddle. This is the uphill flashing. It should be under the shakes, running 2’ up the roof and lapped to divert the water above the shakes. The shakes should not be up against the skylight anywhere, especially in the saddle, for the reason stated previously. You are not seeing water damage yet, because there is probably a full bituthane underlayment as is common in high end roofs like this. Recommend they repair the flashing and treat the roof with a restoring oil-based stain (Lovitt’s, Penofin etc.).