Question Re: Florida Dept of Health

Wondered if anyone had any experience with the type of Screw-Up I’m gonna describe here. I have a good friend of my ex-wife that has lived for 35 years in Texas. For 28 years of that time she had been a licensed massage therapist.

She lived in Florida for 5 years early in life, loved it and talked about returning there all the time. 2 years ago, she got divorced (found out hubbie had been having a long time affair with his office manager and she was devastated). After the divorce my friend was lost for quite a while; then decided she would like to move back to Florida if possible.

She called the DoH dept in Florida and talked to their office to see what she would need to get licensed there. She was told that her Texas license, education, national certification, etc would be reciprocated in Florida. She sold her house, had an estate sale, sold most of her belongings AND moved to a condo in Flagler Beach.

Once she got settled in, she applied for her license, took a 12 hr I think CE course on Florida law OR similar … Sent them her Texas license, her diploma, a copy of her national certification test, new insurance policy, etc AND set back to wait.

About 2 weeks later, she got a letter telling her everything looked good BUT she needed to go get her fingerprints taken somewhere (not a problem) and submitted to the DoH dept BUT she also needed a notarized transcript from the school she attended sent DIRECTLY to the applicable place at DoH with a wax seal on the flap.

**Her problem … The school went out of business over 16 years ago. She has called and talked to people in the DoH, AND is getting nowhere. ****NOT just her diploma BUT a transcript from a long defunct school.

She is 60 ish and getting real nervous about having no income AND maybe not being able to do what she’s done for a living for almost 30 years in a strange town with no family or friends anywhere close. She is getting real depressed thinking of being her age, with no job, and her small savings racing out the door.

ANY thoughts from you licensed guys on how she can approach this.

Sounds like she is in bad shape unless she has original certification documents. Sorry :frowning:

Maybe some cheapy way to get certified just to get on with life :frowning: Sorry for her problems.

Michael …

Appreciate the comment. I’ve already told her that has got to be the most ludicrous crap I’ve heard … You’ve done this for 28 years in a state with the same criteria and requirements that Florida has; you carry the SAME national certification that Florida requires; you’ve completed the same 500 hour course that Florida requires AND have your diploma; you’ve passed the same National test that Florida requires and still have your certificate; you’ve been licensed in Texas for 28 years and Texas has sent a letter acknowledging that; WHAT you don’t have is your school TRANSCRIPT from 28 years ago BECAUSE the school you attended closed 16 yrs ago AND you don’t have NOTARIZED copy AND can’t get one.
I’ve suggested … a full frontal charge to her. **Start by documenting all this AND send letter to the governors office, AG’s office, EACH individual Board member of the DoH or upper echelon parties, write letters to whatever local NEW chanels there are for ACTION LINE news at TV and News Media for human interest stories (Senior Citizen forced into poverty, unemployment AND soforth). Last but NOT least, find her local NEW legislator (shes a new constituent) and write them about how you’re being put out of work; discriminated against because you’re a Senior Citizen; and may be forced onto welfare roles; etc, etc.

My feelings are play nice, unless its NOT working, then fix bayonets and charge up the middle / Slash & burn.

When your income, livlihood OR profession is at stake … Take no prisoners.

I have a good friend who has been a LMT here for about 10 or so years. I’ll try to get ahold of her and get back with you. She may be out of town, so it may be a couple of days or so.

Last but NOT least, find her local NEW legislator (shes a new constituent) and write them about how you’re being put out of work; discriminated against because you’re a Senior Citizen; and may be forced onto welfare roles; etc, etc.

Do this first not last!

Good luck let us know what happens.

Here is her local legislators:
State House - District 24
Representative Travis Hutson
Representative Portrait
Full Details

Capitol Office
1102 The Capitol
402 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee , FL 32399-1300
Phone: (850) 717-5024
Map/Driving Directions

District Office
Unit 5
4875 Palm Coast Parkway Northwest
Palm Coast , FL 32137-3671
Phone: (386) 446-7644
Map/Driving Directionsmap/driving directions

State Senate - District 6
State Senator Portrait

Senator John Thrasher
Capitol Office:
400 Senate Office Building
404 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1100
Phone: (850) 487-5006

District Office:
113 Nature Walk Parkway
Suite 106
Saint Augustine , FL 32092
Phone: (904) 287-4222

I would suggest sending an email to each, followed up by a letter, and then a phone call.

Licensing is out of control here.

Thanks for advice … I’m passing it along.

Unfortunately it has been that way for a long time. I have original college transcripts for myself, wife and son in University sealed envelopes in my safe, mine from 1975. It used to be something they gave out on graduation (and all bills paid). My son’s is from 2006 BA and 2007 MEd.

While some of the political routes may work, I would also take the big TV station Consumer Advocate route. They get into places and raise a ruckus where others can’t.

Wish her luck.

It looks to me like everything has been done impersonally via email or mail. I suggest that she walk in and sit right across the desk from the person so they were face to face with their denial.

It gets better. As all youse licensed guys in Florida know, youse gotta do FBI finger print checks. Lady emailed last nite / sounded like she was probably gonna cry OR kill something … Not sure which.

Apparently somebody from the state called her and told her they got her stuff from FBI and in 1964 and in 1965 the FBI records showed she had been arrested for drinking and driving AND for smoking pot. BUT the FBI records I guess did not show the deposition of either case.

Florida asked her if she still had any court documents showing the deposition of these. She was going nutsy when I called her. She said after a lot of thought, she remembered getting arrested at spring break in Lake Ozarks, Missouri while driving around with several friends. She said it was bugging her to death because she could not remember anything other than that … could not remember if she went to court, paid a fine … dropped charges, etc. NOTHING

She also said her sophmore year in college her and several friends went to a concert by Myrtle Beach and got busted smoking pot. She’s pretty sure they got fined and sent on their way BUT again its been 49-50 years.

She had been calling trying to get records from back then AND she said the court people she talked do were real nice BUT said 50 years ago … You gotta be kidding.

What was also bugging her was she’s had licenses in 2 different states. I think California and Texas AND she said she never went through this AND she’d had a concealed carry license AND gun permits in 2 states and never had this come up.

Reminds me why I think licensing can stay somewhere else but where I live.

Oh No licensing is great :frowning:

Just ask all the fools who wanted it here and still stand by their dumb a s s decisions.

F-ing idiots.

Same types that think Obama is not the piece of crap he has proven over and over to be. MORONS.