Question to all the New Home Inspectors: How many inspections do you perform a month?

Hello colleagues! My name is Benjamin and this is my first post on the forum. I launched my company a month ago and I’m currently marketing every way I can. I put a substantial amount of my resources into my website, shirts, vehicle magnets, tools and software. Everyday I’m visiting multiple real estate offices and insurance brokers handing out fliers and cards and trying to get a little face time. I know its the slower season so I’m really trying to focus on building relationships and networking. I haven’t had my first inspection yet. Any feed back from all you seasoned vets would help me immensely. Oh yeah I’m priced just slightly below what seems to be the average for the area.

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First, welcome to our forum, Ben! We hope you share often.

As an FYI, pricing yourself slightly below the area average screams NEWBY INSPECTOR!

Get yourself a little above the middle or more and YOU run the inspection. I always had a clip board and measuring tape at the ready for my clients. I would tell them that I had a routine that I do at every inspection, so I was less likely to miss something. Like start clockwise on the exterior and on the 1st & 2nd floor, etc. You can figure out what works for you, but practice on friends and family’s homes if you can.

You can follow me or wander around and if you have questions at some other area of the house to write them down and when I get there I will answer them as best as I can.

If you are flustered and your client is in your back pocket, tell them that you are going to the truck to sip some coffee and research something and take the break to regroup.

It worked well for me just starting out and through-out my career.

Happy inspecting! :smile:

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Thank you Larry for the warm welcome and the pointers. I did one inspection for a friend free of charge to get my feet wet. Do you have any pointers for me as far as marketing and networking? Have you found that a strong web presence is generally more productive than hitting the brokers offices and handing out fliers?

You’re welcome, Ben!

Regarding the bolded above, it depends on your market but before retiring I found that a strong web presence was far better that hitting the offices and handing out flyers.

I remember a n inspector, in one of my Infrared Imaging classes, said that he sponsored one hole of a Realtor’s Golf Outing and sat at that hole with a cooler full of dry ice and Dove chocolate cover vanilla bars and another cool full of water bottles.

The agents remembered that and his cards (not flyers). You might try that.

But, SEO (search engine optimization) is paramount.

Go to your face in the top right of this page and click on it, then click on the gear and fill out your signature for starters.

Then, many on our forum are happy to use Ian M. Robertson, CMI @:

for their SEO, etc.

Good luck and happy inspecting! :smile:

I have contemplated Home adviser but seems most inspections in my area come directly from realtors. Just trying to decide if it is worth it???

It is a nuisance and there are two fees involved. Annual of a couple hundred dred and 30 yo 40 oer lead weather you get the job or not. The up side is that you need to pay your dues and make a name for yourself. Every job you do you will meet a new realtor and have that opportunity to prove yourself. The Home Advisor site has a rating and review section for you. This is the best part of the site. It let’s others know about you. You can also import it into your website. Door knocking of realtors is hard. Most realtors have inspectors that they are loyal to. Building a strong network takes time. Also being a member of your local BNI or other networking group helps.

I think Daniel M nailed it!

Smoking real good frome the same pipe :smiley:

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