So correct me if I am wrong.
So far as a new inspector I’ve learned that I cannot

  1. Perform a insurance accepted WDO Report
  2. Perform Radon test (InterNACHI is not approved for Florida)
  3. Mold Inspections

At least through any InterNACHI classes, correct?


And to clarify, you can’t perform ANY type of WDO report without proper credentials.

Thank you for the reply, so what are some other services I can offer other than home, wind and 4 point inspections?

You can perform home inspections and 4-point inspections.
If you have the proper training, you can perform wind mitigation inspections.
The others, have already been addressed.

One other note, I would suspect as you are also a Realtor, you cannot inspect any homes that you have a financial interest in.

That would be correct. Although you can not do any WDO

Perhaps you should focus on honing your inspection skills so you can charge an appropriate FEE and not be concerned with ancillary services you’re not qualified to perform.

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Another point to make is you can not advertise WDO inspections without being licensed.