(Dustin J. Bartko) #1

So correct me if I am wrong.
So far as a new inspector I’ve learned that I cannot

  1. Perform a insurance accepted WDO Report
  2. Perform Radon test (InterNACHI is not approved for Florida)
  3. Mold Inspections

At least through any InterNACHI classes, correct?

(Dave Fetty, CMI) #2


(Dominic DAgostino, CMI HI3957) #3

And to clarify, you can’t perform ANY type of WDO report without proper credentials.

(Dustin J. Bartko) #4

Thank you for the reply, so what are some other services I can offer other than home, wind and 4 point inspections?

(Eric C. Van De Ven, CMI) #5

You can perform home inspections and 4-point inspections.
If you have the proper training, you can perform wind mitigation inspections.
The others, have already been addressed.

One other note, I would suspect as you are also a Realtor, you cannot inspect any homes that you have a financial interest in.

(Preston L. Halstead, HI549) #6

That would be correct. Although you can not do any WDO

(Jeffrey R. Jonas) #7

Perhaps you should focus on honing your inspection skills so you can charge an appropriate FEE and not be concerned with ancillary services you’re not qualified to perform.

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(Preston L. Halstead, HI549) #8

Another point to make is you can not advertise WDO inspections without being licensed.