Questionable Crawlspace Repair

Have a repair in crawlspace. The joist is completely missing here. Joist has some rot as well. New piers are installed about 7 feet to the Right. What looks like an improperly oriented beam is run on both sides of the beam but do not actually meet beneath. Then they used blocking to support the damaged joist.

Does not looi right to me. Thoughts are appreciated.

side, but I believe there should be a sistered joist or something here. Am I correct or wrong?

It looks like a hackery mess from here. I’d call it out for further evaluation.


Thanks that’s what I thought. Major damage had occured. Most of the crawlspace had sistered joists and girders and looked ok.

This area was wacky looking. They didn’t want to move that drain to sister it

As @srechkin stated it is a hack job, substandard, improper, inadequate, ad-hoc, DIY type Tom Foolery.

Here is more evidence of such.

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You have an opening from the trap for the shower or tub that could leak over, and if those 2x4s are meant to be a supporting beam, they are laying flat

I thought beams were always supposed to orientated up? The way main girders are? I believe flat beams are at greater risk of sagging?

So pardon any haste I was busy today. Basically instead of moving the plumbing to sister the joist they supported the piers on both sides and then used blocking to tie in the damaged joist. Looks shoddy to me. Maybe its performing but its not conforming as Ive heard. For sure will refer out for evaluation.

Thanks everybody. The entire crawlspace was sistered just about.

yes, 2x4s just laying flat will sag, unless they were engineered that way. But I am brain farting on the name…

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Yeah, when looking at repairs I always try to look and things as though I’m coming upon it for the first time. Would it make my report? I’d say it’s a definite “yes” in this case.


Glulam? Is that what you are searching for?


Yes! I kept thinking microlam, but thats not it… I breathed too many fireworks in last night :grinning: And got hit by shrapnel when a mortar shell blew up in the tube. (We’re all ok)


That ain’t no joke. Glad you are OK.

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You too? :flushed:

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No, I just grabbed this photo off the internet. I have read about it before.

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Thankfully no!!

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Yeah, she was on that shit. Good reflexes, lol. Momma’s instincts.

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From just the photos you posted I can see some plumbing issues, compromised foundation support, evidence of damage from leakage and the 2x4 repair for the floor sheathing support was done poorly. Without question I would call this out for further evaluation.

“At time of the inspection there was various deficiencies of concern that were observed in the crawlspace area such as, plumbing issues, compromised foundation support, evidence of damage from leakage and the 2x4 repair for the floor sheathing support was done poorly. This inspector recommends that a qualified licensed contractor do a thorough evaluation of the crawlspace area and any corrective repairs that may be necessary in accordance with accepted practice.”