questioning age disclosure

i was told ages by the owner…and i’m wondering if it’s on the mark for this unit

Lennox - AC model: K55HXDFM-6844

Lennox furnace - model: G1203-110, serial: 5874C01071

your time & assistance is much appreciated. thanks.

On Lennox its either the first two or second two numbers of the serial number. Before 74 it’s the first two, after its the second. There’s usually a separate age sticker for them.

Yep Mark is right furnace looks like a '74. No serial number for the A/C so can’t give an age on that.

Just wondering what they told you. I had a lady state it was 5 years newer than what i said , she even phone the Ac guy that installed it . ( church owned) When i was there the fellow came out said yep it is only 10 years old.

She was buying this home and lived there for 33 years ( husband was the pastor of the church and had passed away. Oh she said but the Home Inspector took the numbers right off the unit. LOL he disappeared came back and said yeah the unit is 15 years old. He said he didn’t have his glasses on . Anyway i go by the ser# Time slips by Home owners .

Seems like there was several things they ( church Board did not tell her)
Their appraiser 170.00
Hers 140.000
The church member appraiser said he based it on how great shape it was in
Chimney was fallen over Unsafe to be near, Stone fallen off around the home
Units 15 years old
Galvanized pipe
Pooling water under the home
Mold under the home
Insulation installed up side down
FPE panel
List goes on total 8 defected items 48 Marginal items
So with all that I found i am sure there is not some happy campers around the board table that night.

That is for sure.

And, many times the seller remembers when it was installed but has no idea the actual age. Often the installer had it in his warehouse for several years before installation.

she’s telling me the AC is new…the entire unit, 1 yr old
i’m not buying it

but she stated furnace was “newer” and doesn’t appear to b

thanks for the help. always appreciated.