Questions about an inspection i just did

I just completed my 1st paid inspection today! I had a couple questions hoping to get input on.

1st - Kitchen sink trap was located in basemen not under sink. ok or not ok?

2nd - wiring to the kitchen range is aluminium. Does this need to be replaced?

3rd - tile liner in the chimney didn’t go to the top of the chimney. it ended about 3 feet down, but above the roof. any concern?

Trap must be within 2’ of the drain.

Alum. ok on circuits > 20 amp.

Flue should be referred to a chimney specialist.

  1. Do you have a picture of under the kitchen sink?

  2. What was the breaker size feeding the range as most are 40amp and are wired using stranded aluminum

  3. Not sure, do you have a picture?

it is a 40 amp Breaker

Mike, I responded in your other thread.

Trap… yes, located underneath the floor sheathing (in basement) is acceptable as long as it is within 24" of the sink tailpiece.

Chimney… flue liner needs to exit the chimney (chase) completely.

Thanks again Jeff