Questions About Pricing and Fees

I am going to start performing indoor air and mold sampling as part of my business. I have been trying to research how others structure and price their services by visiting web sites, but it hasn’t been that helpful.

**What do you charge for you mold and IAQ sampling? **

How do you structure your pricing?

I want to make sure I am competitive with my fees so please weigh in…


Travis Sallee
Certispect Real Estate Inspection Service
Seattle, WA

What are your qualifications…what are you going to provide…what is your turn around time…which lab are you going to use…are you insured for mold…there is more to it then buying a pump and send it to a lab…


I was trying to keep my post short and didn’t include much information about myself. Here are the answers to your post. I hope these will be sufficient enough that you would answer my questions about structuring services/pricing.

What are your qualifications…
I am currently a state licensed Home Inspector and Structural Pest Inspector in good standing. Recently, I have completed the IAC2 requirements for Mold. I am starting with IAC2 and plan to gain additional training and education through other organizations in the near future.

what are you going to provide…
I plan to offer both limited and complete mold inspection options primarily associated with my home inspections.

what is your turn around time…
Most of my clients need the test results as quickly as possible to make their buying decision or request specific actions from a seller. I have found a local lab that can get me next day results.

are you insured for mold…
I am not specifically insured for mold yet, only because I am not performing mold services at this time. My insurance will be taken care of by the time I offer any of these services to my clients.

I certainly understand that there is more to it than “buying a pump and send it to a lab…” Anyway, I hope this information is sufficient and that you would be kind enough to answer my original questions.



You charge as much as your market will allow for what you are doing. our prices

what state are you in?

we expect to be able to raise our prices after Florida issues licenses

Our competition does not carry mold insurance and all in Southwest Florida low ball us.
Hope that helps

Doug is a prime example…He is in my area and he markets himself well and gets the premium price. I do not offer some of the items he does, but he is slightly higher than me. So I would think from $300 - $500. Did you see what your market will handle? SW Florida is a MOLD breeding ground, so it is more popular here…

Doug an Russell,

Thanks for the help. I am up here in the Seattle area where it rains a lot. Between all the moisture intrusion I see and the amount of calls I get asking for mold help, it made sense to get trained and add these services to my business.

Again, thanks for the help.