Questions for those with multi inspectors

How do you pay them as sub contractors or as employees?

I think calling them subs could get tricky as you tell them where to go and when to go. The florida defination of a subcontractor could get you in trouble.

To those who attack a home team style how do you pay the team?

I want to do it right where I do not get in trouble and the person and myself are happy.

I wish to offer services I do not feel confident or am not qualified or do not have the equipment to perform.

Before attacking anything like this. Ensure you have ample funds to perform it properly.

I pay mine hourly and 1.5 for anyting over 40.

Significant cost to get it going. But you never have ever really been in the game, how are you going to teach others? Not slamming you, but the most important aspect to have is a defined and well thought out plan and you have to be the authority on it all because they will look at you for direction and guideance.

It would take a very long time for me to explain every aspect. They way I do it, works for me.

Good luck.

Mine are paid hourly. I am the expert on the site, they all look to me for answers.

Thanks I was curious as how you paid your team. I do not have the customers to go that route as of now. There was a time when I had over 100 honest employees but I could not pay folks daily unless I had daily work. Thanks for your comment.

Thanks to you as well John.

Does anyone know if it is legit to pay a person lets just say Min wage for time on site and them give them a bonus for each job?

I want to make sure I do not break any laws but want it to be a mutually beneficial relationship for all parties involved.

Example I pay a roofer min wage for time on site to inspect and give a cost to cure then I give him a bonus to make it worth his time.

I am looking to hire true best of the best professionals at their desired price but do not think I can do it LEGALLY bu paying them as a sub and I cannot offer full time employment at this time.

I suspect you could classify them as independent contractors and they would be responsible for their taxes, insurance, etc.
I would talk with an accountant.

I wish you luck with this.

15 years ago, I kicked around this idea. I had all the contractors lined up, but no one wanted to pay $3,000.00 for an inspection on a $300K home.
I was going to hire others to do certain aspects of the inspection, but, determined, that most couldn’t grasp what was needed to perform the job properly. I wasn’t comfortable with one of their mistakes costing me my company.


Inspections should cost $3000 as far as I am concerned. I cannot understand how someone thinks they are looking out for a $500,000.00 investment with a $150 inspection???

Any of those contractors you had lined up I would be interested in using them as I also plan on expanding the G.C. business.

The only one left is the electrician. He is close to retirement and a move to NC.

The plan was to have:
A structural engineer.
A plumbing contractor
And I would inspect the “easy” stuff.

Each contractor would perform a functional inspection, submit proposals for work as well as point out code issues in each area and recommended upgrades.
I got input from each contractor, came up with the forms and I would put it all together.
At the time, I had a network of Realtors and when I floated the idea by them, they were all excited about it…until I told them the price.

I think you misunderstood. I am looking for the actual tradsmen to do work and such NOW.

I am trying to build a big list of reccomended folks so when someone wants something done I can give them a price quickly and efficently. Also interested in using some as you suggested.

I pay by the hour also. I do the final review of the reports before they are submitted to the client.

Thanks for the input

It is not about how you define them…
It is about how the IRS defines them…

If you control the…
start time
conditions of reporting…
they are Employees…

If you pass off
and they can schedule at their convenience
at their rate
at their scheduled time
and their report method…

All of my Inspectors have been Employees…
and no problems with the IRS…


I aagree with the definations you provide. Now I have to figure out how to pay them that is good for them and me.

My team gets paid hourly, vacation/holiday time, time and a half OT.

Interesting that nobody is saying “how much $$ they pay per/hour”. What do those that are doing this consider a “fair” rate? Sliding scale? Experience? C’mon, give the man something to work with here! :neutral:

There are too many contributing factors. What one pays may be completely different than what the other pays.

NO S H I T! Spoken like a true contractor. Just give the man a ballpark figure, for Christs sake! Are we talking $15 or $30 ???

Jeesus!!! :roll::roll::roll::roll:

My feet are getting cold.

Jeff going to bat for me :smiley: Thanks

Maybe hell did freeze over.

That is all right Preston you kind of answered enough anyhow. Do you only pay them for time on site or do they show up every day and get round about 40 hrs a week?

I know I currently could not give a guy a full week.

In Stucco world that was the key to keeping guys around full time even when they were subs. Most need to work every day.