Questions for those with multi inspectors

I’ll save you a bunch of time.
Either 30% as an independent contractor, or a minimal “training period” pay rate and after the training period is over, hire someone else.

I think the best person to ask would be Russell as according to him, he is blessed with the best employees in the world. I am sure they are compensated appropriately.

When I worked for a mason, way back when, if we didn’t have work or got rained out, he found something for me to do. Being a mechanic, I did all the vehicle maintenance/repairs. I was always busy…for 8 bucks an hour!

I used to be able to do that for all my employees as well when I had them :neutral:

Way way back my Dad used to let guys work all the hrs they wanted at their regular pay doing odds and ends and then got popped for not paying time and 1/2. I think that rule sucks if the employees are begging for the additional work to feed their families. One guy killed it for all of them.

If employees are forced to work it then that is a different story. :smiley:

Let the shreeding of me for my opinion begin.

Actually I am just an Inspector although I do hold many Licenses and qualifications.

I speak as a business man. Again too many factors but if you want a number $8-$30

I stand corrected… you are the proverbial “ConSpector”.

If you are “Only” an inspector… why do you list all the contractor mumbo-jumbo in your signature? Don’t bother answering, I’m sure it would just be more BS on your part.

Sorry, Mikey. I Tired!

You left out state Licensed Building Inspector. I can see how someone having a background in all aspects of a home and building might upset you. Whats your background? You may think ConSpector is a derogatory statement but I love it. The public also loves it. Most people want to know there inspector has some qualification.