Questions of the Week 12-23-17

**Welcome to another round of Questions of The Week !

Questions of the week:

Introduction and requirements:

A member of the Award Committee will post a question, at a random day/time.

A competing member may make one post per question thread to answer the question and the member’s winning entry must have all parts of the question answered completely in that one post. Editing your one answer post allowed will result in disqualification.

Winnings will be limited to no more than 6 times in a given year, the objective is to allow as many Members a chance to win as possible.
Any disregard to the above and divulging the correct answers will forfeit the weekly winnings.

So please refrain from participating if you have already won in the maximum for the Year.

First correct answer (as judged by the Awards Committee or Poster of the Question) wins.

The lucky winner will get a case of “Now that you’ve had a Home Inspection Books” shipped to them at their address on file. Make sure your Address on File with Inachi is correct.

Courtesy of Nick Gromicko.

Winners of the Question of The Week shall request their prize by emailing and submitting their Mailing address for shipping.

Allow 2 weeks for delivery.
Good luck & MERRY CHRISTMAS! :smile:

  1. I’m toasting an English muffin and it gets stuck in my toaster. The toaster switch is off, so I stick my knife in to get my muffin… BUT my toaster is plugged in to an outlet that is shutting off the neutral wire instead of the hot. This means there is always electricity at the heating elements just waiting for some poor sap to stick a knife in, and that electricity will travel up the knife, through my body, and back to the earth. Breakfast ruined! Your mom was right when she told you to never do this.
    The outlet has _______ _______.

  2. _______ _______ is the amount of electricity needed to cause cardiac arrest.

  3. Which animal kills the most humans?

  4. The Main Advantages of Engineered Flooring (may be more than one answer)

a) It can be used in basements and over concrete slabs
b) It can be used over radiant-heat systems
c) It is water repellent
d) The core layer can expand and contract more freely without warping
e) All of the above
f) Don’t Tase Me Bro!

Extra Credit!

I look for leaks, but I’m not a home inspector.
I love balance, but I’m not an art collector.
Sometimes I’m frustrating to find.
Sometimes I’ll save your behind.

  1. Reversed Polarity
  2. 10 Amps
  3. Humans
  4. E and especially F
    Extra Credit- GFCI
  1. Reverse Polarity
  2. 4 amps
  3. Hippopotamus
  4. e
    EC. GFCI
  1. Reverse Polarity
  2. "1/10 of an ampere (amp) of electricity going through the body for just 2 seconds is enough to cause death"
  3. Mosquitos
  4. E
    EC) GFCI Receptacles & GFCI Breakers (Devices)

Reverse polarity
Hippopotamus since animal is underlined


  1. Which animal kills the most humans?
  1. Reversed Polarity
  2. 10 Amps
  3. Mosquito - insects fall under the animal kingdom
  4. E


  1. Reversed Polarity
  2. 1/10 Amp
  3. Mosquito
  4. A, B and C
    EC - GFCI

You know I’m a bug guy.
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[FONT=Verdana][FONT=Comic Sans MS]I’m so sorry! :frowning:

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Well… no one had them all.
Here’s my answers:

  1. reverse polarity

  2. Fibrillation Current is the amount of electricity needed to cause cardiac arrest, from which recovery will not spontaneously occur, in a person and is a value based on statistics. IEEE Std 80-2000 provides a method to determine the pertinent value of Fibrillation Current for a safety study, along with a good explanation of how it is derived. Many different methods exist for calculating Fibrillation Current; however the 50kg IEEE method is the most commonly used in North America
    **What Is Ground Potential Rise - E&S Grounding Solutions

**3) Many of us view mosquitoes as more of an annoyance than a threat, but the tiny insects are far and away the deadliest animals on earth.
The World Health Organisation estimates that 725,000 people are killed each year by mosquito-born diseases. A staggering 200 million people are at least temporarily incapacitated by malaria alone, of which 600,000 die.
**Which animal kills the most humans?
****the question had animal underlined intentionally - heh heh

  1. E
    **Engineered Wood Flooring - InterNACHI

**I look for leaks, but I’m not a home inspector.
I love balance, but I’m not an art collector.
Sometimes I’m frustrating to find.
Sometimes I’ll save your behind.
Inspection Riddles - Int’l Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI)

Does this mean that you are going to come up with another round of questions? :stuck_out_tongue:


You saw thru the underlined animal stuff ~ good job Tim ~ show ‘em how to literally read a question.
Actually, I’m just hangin’ out waiting for more posts/responses from the participants to decide what to do next. :wink:

Sounds good.

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Well if you are picky about wording, then the mosquito does not actually kill anyone. The disease they infect a person with does the killing. Nobody dies by the actual “bite”.

Where as a crocodile actually kills as does the hippo.

Lol. Your honor, I didn’t kill him, it was the bullet. Case dismissed!!

Everything reminds me of a song. :mrgreen:

Nothing Touched The Trigger But The Devil’s Right Hand!
Devil’s right Hand

SO… everyone who responded above this post wins!
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