Questions Of The Week! April 4th

            Questions Of The Week April 4th          

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  1. Define the link between the neutral and the equipment ground bars within the service

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2) I can travel around the planet in less than 30 seconds.
BUT… I am also going less than 1% speed of light.
What am I? ~ Gossip? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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3) What HVAC parameter determines the ventilation requirements of a given space or structure? (may be more than one answer)
a) Air temperature in the space
b) Number of occupants in the space
c) Size of the space
d) Moisture in the space
e) Diet that contributes to passing gas

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4) Can anything normally survive after being submerged under water for half an hour?

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5) There may or may not be anything worth reporting here… … … what say you?

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Well! Go ahead & try to impress me!
WHO sang this on WHAT Song??
you know you didn’t treat me right

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Great questions, Marc!

Thanks for doing them.

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There may not be any replies. I coulda made 'em too hard. ? ^ * % #

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Pssst…you can give out a prize for participating. :grimacing:


Tough questions for sure…Hope my answer to the bonus question holds up! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

“I’m Crying” by The Animals

Good questions Marc, someone will get em!

Here goes:
1 Bonding
2 the New Horizon’s speed was 50,000mph on its way to Pluto
3 b, c
4 living beings have survived under water for 30 or more minutes, but not normally
5 drain empties too close to the house foundation, doesn’t look like the pump is covered
I’m Crying by the Animals


Thanks for your answers David.
I’ll give ya “credit” for the music question… … …
even though Junior ruined it - at least for me.

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I got that one before I saw his answer and, I think, that’s the only one I know Is right. :wink:

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Good questions Marc, thanks for your time!

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Awww jeez, I’ll just avoid the “Questions of the Week” from here on…Didn’t mean to ruin it! :roll_eyes: :grinning:

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1- Earth ground… (I did’t understand this question.)
2- Best Guess …Lightning
3- A,B,C and D
5-Where is the filter return to pool pipe?

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1- Safety
2- Rocket
3- A, C
4- Yes
5- Filter location

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  1. They are both connected at some point in the service usually the main bonding jumper
  2. Thunder and lightening
  3. A.C.
  4. Yes.
  5. no filter return
    I’m Crying by The Animals

Marc-these are hard!

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  1. System grounding
  2. Geo-Stationary satellites
  3. A, B, C, D
  4. Yes
  5. No water outlet piping at filter, Loose bonding wire
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I’m sitting out for a few as well since I won a couple of them last month but I like to read all the responses. Great questions again this week. Good job, Marc.


Anyone want to try #2 again?
It is based on the science of atoms.

2) I can travel around the planet in less than 30 seconds.
BUT… I am also going less than 1% speed of light.

They are so light, though, that they really don’t count towards the total weight of the atom


Neutrinos, as a WAG

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laser light

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My modified guess is Electron