Questions Of The Week July 23~ What Do You See?

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This week you simply list “what you see”!


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shotgun weather vane

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Extra Credit!
WHO sang this on WHAT song?
where I’d rather stay


This looks like fun. :grinning:

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1 Dryer vent is plastic and improperly attached allowing dryer lint to build up below the dryer.
2 Missing high loop for dishwasher
3 Moisture damaged wood with signs of organic growth
4 Weather vane with wood base lying directly on the roofing surface
5 Anti tip device still in original packaging

Extra credit - Eva Gabor in the Green Acres theme song.


1- improper vent used for the dryer and leaking
2- high loop missing for dishwasher
3- very dirty evaporator coil
4- improperly held double barrel 12 gauge shotgun vane
5- stove anti tip device


1, Vinyl Dryer vent
2. No drain loop dishwasher drain hose
3. Clogged/dirty evaporator coil
4. Shot gun weather vane
5. Anti-tip bracket

Extra- Green Acres by Vic Mizzy

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1, Plastic flexible duct used for dryer, exhausting inside
2. No high loop for dishwasher drain
3. Dirty evaporator coil
4. Hoarders yard :slight_smile:
5. Anti-tip oven bracket

Extra Credit: “Green Acres” by Eddie Albert

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Very perceptive sir





Sorry, but answer #4 should be;

  1. '68 GTO with chrome grill and hooded RPM Tach. (everything else doesn’t matter after that.) :flushed: :wink:

This was in the backyard along with other crazy shit

037 (2)


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Truthfully, that is “My Kinda Hoarder” :slight_smile:


The only reason I am not a hoarder is because I’m married. Otherwise it would be a shit show around here.


Not something you see around most parts of the country, but I would still want one. :crazy_face:

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I have absolutely no clutter in my yard or house, If I don’t use it or need it, it is either sold, given away, or I take it to the dump. Clutter bugs me.
Nothen but grass and trees


I agree with you on that.


That was a 68 Firebird not a GTO but same point!

Congrats you are all winners!
Marcel Gratton nailed it.
Junior Fudge & Joe Young got 4.
Our beloved Brian Cawhern got 3 & knew Vic Mizzy did Green Acres.
He also did this

  1. accordion clothes dryer vent, evidence of clog

Improper dryer vent installed is accordion tubing. It is a flexible ribbed
tubing that many home owners and contractors have installed and they
wrongly assume that it is proper.
**Accordion tubing is not approved for use as a clothes dryer vent
material and should not be used for this application
The International Residential Code (IRC) section M1502 requires that
clothes dryer vents be constructed of at least 0.016 thick rigid metal,
have smooth interior surfaces, and shall not have sheet metal screws
extending into the duct.
Keep in mind, a home inspection is not a code compliance inspection
and that the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) is the responsible party
for determining/verifying code compliance. The home inspector is using
these standards, however, as a reference to help protect his or her
client from possible future hazards, such as a house fire.

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2) Dishwasher drain missing required high loop/air gap

The reason for the high loop is to prevent the potential backflow of water into the dishwasher and to prevent improper drainage of water. Even though dishwashers come from the factory with the drain looped up high against the side of the dishwasher, this is not an acceptable substitute for the high loop underneath the kitchen sink.
It is required by most jurisdictions and manufacturers that dishwasher drain lines be installed with a high loop. This prevents the dirty water that is being drained from being inadvertently pulled back into the dishwasher or even siphoned back into the water system.

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3) AC evaporator coils NASTY-GROSS

The Problem with Dirty Coils
There are two sets of coils in your air conditioning system: the condenser coils and the
evaporator coils. Each set plays an important role in the heat release and cooling process.
When something is wrong with the coils, it affects the refrigeration cycle, which can impact
your whole system. The coils are intricate, and because refrigerant flows through them,
it is important to hire trained professionals to handle any air conditioning repair.
What Are the Coils?
The coils in your air conditioning system are narrow, serpentine tubing made of copper
covered by thin, metal fins. In the refrigerant cycle of your AC, the condenser coils release
heat from hot, high-pressure gaseous refrigerant that flows into the condenser coils from
the compressor. Conversely, when refrigerant flows into the evaporator coils, it is a cool,
low-pressure gas that absorbs heat from your indoor air as provided by a return duct.
The blower (fan) blows this warm air over the coils, where the heat is absorbed, and the
resulting cool air is blown into your home through the ductwork.
How Does Dirt Affect Coils?
Through normal use, the coils in your air conditioner can become dirty.
Dirt and dust cling to the coils, and if allowed to build, can create a layer that acts as insulation.
Anything insulating the coils inhibits the correct operation of them: the condenser coils will
not be able to properly release heat, and the evaporator coils will not be able to absorb heat.
Once the refrigeration process is imbalanced, the entire operation of your system
can be compromised.
Signs of Dirty Coils
There are a few key signs that you may have dirty coils:
Decrease in air flow
Increase in refrigerant pressure drop
Warm air blowing into your home
Strain on your compressor
Dirty coils can disrupt the operation of your air conditioner, or even lead to breakdown.

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4) Ornamental weather vane not properly secured/sealed to roof

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5) Oven anti-tip device not installed

Range Anti-tip bracket CPSC.pdf (60.5 KB)

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WHO sang this on WHAT song?
where I’d rather stay
Green Acres Theme Song


Way to go Marcel!

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Congratulations to all that participated. The one’s that did not want to try missed out on the prizes.


Thanks Marc.

I was getting low on books…


WTG, Marcel. :slight_smile: