Questions Of The Week March 26

Good ones Marc. Thanks

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The concrete ones are for you!

some of these questions are shocking…

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1 - Tap Water and Milk do conduct electricity because of their ions; but honey, vinegar, distilled water, and (light) fuels do not conduct electricity because they do not have free ions.
2- Conventional Fireplace Chimney
3. Hydration
4. Resistance is Ohms, Current is electrons flowing in same direction
5. Plastic cover will retain moisture to allow more complete and faster hydration, and can protect it from weather (rain, snow, etc.). That’s good. But it can discolor the concrete and will likely leave marks (imprint) on the finish. That’s not good.
EC - That’d Be Alright by Alan Jackson

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Great questions, Marc! Thanks! :smile:


Good questions. Everyone should have plenty of time to think about their answers this week :slight_smile:

  1. distilled water, honey, fuels and vinegar are all bad conductors or electricity.
  2. conventional fireplace chimney
  3. the chemical reaction between cement and water (known as hydration, this produces heat and is called the heat of hydration).
  4. resistance - current
  5. It can protect the new concrete from environmental cooling and heating fluctuations as it cures, and it helps resist uneven curing due to rapid moisture loss at the top. Has the possibility of permanently staining concrete due to air bubbles, water pockets and wrinkles trapped inside the plastic.
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  1. Honey, distilled water, and fuels are poor or do not conduct electricity
  2. Conventional fireplace chimney
  3. Hydration
  4. Resistance, Current
  5. Plastic over poured concrete can help by slowing down the curing process but can also result in pockets of moisture making the concrete cure unevenly which leaves it appearing “stained” in spots.

Alan Jackson in That’d Be Alright

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4-Resistance, Amps
5-It causes hydration to slow down allowing the concrete to cure longer…Good!

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  1. Honey, Vinegar, Fuels
  2. Chimneys
  3. Hydration
  4. Resistance, Direct Current
  5. Plastic keeps the concrete damp and helps the curing process.
    Plastic in contact with the concrete can cause staining & discoloring.
    Extra Credit: Alan Jackson, That’d Be Alright

Well… … … … … …
No one got all the answers I was looking for.
#2 is B Vent, similar to chimneys, I guess.
#4 is resistance & amperage, we’re looking for measurements here, not current.
Sir Roy nailed it.

So… … I don’t know what to do!
What the hell - - 1st one of you who posts is the winner & THANK YOU :cowboy_hat_face:

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I’m here!..

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Congratulations Roy!

Congrats Mr. Lewis!

I did have B-vent! :grinning:

Congratulations Sir Roy!

Thanks everyone!

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You didn’t give any answers…Nope!

Marc didn’t call on me, nope! :grinning: My number 4 was not correct anyway! I had resistance and current…

Why do I not see where you posted your answer?