Questions Of The Week November 24 to win prizes!

Congratulations, Tim. Well deserved! :smile:

Manny and Marc are top notch in their QOTW and supporting our members through knowledge and growth!

Wow! Thank you all!


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Thank you for gaining a win for the Michigan members. We needed a showing. :grin:

Thanks Larry!

I don’t know if I’ve even been on the forum since they changed the format. You know the old saying, “It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks.” We just got so busy this year that it was hard to juggle my time. I did see that Darrin Card from Lake Odessa has responded to the QOTW. He’s a great guy. One of the officers, as am I, for the Michigan chapter of INACHI. It’s been hard trying to the chapter off the ground. The last meeting was in February, and I was unable to attend due to a few broken ribs - I really don’t recommend the broken ribs.


Yes, we did a little chatting. Darrin does seem like a great guy. :smile:

Ouch! Job related, Tim?

Great questions! Congratulations @twilliams15

Technically, it was job related, but more just carelessness on my part. I had done a Friday morning inspection, then I had 3 Radon drop offs, and I’d be done for the weekend. Since I was just doing drop offs, I didn’t bother to lace my boots up. I was coming out of the first home, which was vacant, so the driveway hadn’t been plowed yet. In order to avoid getting snow in my boots, so my precious feet didn’t get wet, I was walking down the tire tracks that someone had made in the driveway - bad idea. It happened so fast, there was no time to react. I got up and just sat in the van for a few minutes to catch my breath. I dropped the other 2 Radon monitors off.

I thought that I just tweaked by back. I’ve had issues in the past with my back. I got one of those back braces, and hoped for the best. I actually did 2 inspections on Monday, and then Monday night, I coughed or sneezed, I don’t remember which, but WOW. We live in a condo and my neighbors probably think I have anger issues. I had to cancel the inspections for the next day, one of which was for an agent that I had never worked with before, and it was a home that she was buying. My wife told me that I was going to the doctor.

I’m not big on taking prescription drugs, but Norco was my best friend for a short while. I ended up taking the rest of the week off, and was back at it the following Monday. I literally couldn’t sleep on my left side for 6 months. I still feel it once in awhile. I now have Yaktrax that are on my boots, which are always laced up, whenever there is any snow on the ground. Not something I will soon forget.


Ouch, Tim!
I’m glad you weren’t hurt worse but broken ribs can feel like it is the worst, I know.