Questions of the Week, November 5, 2018

To maat or tomate

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Cam-el-toe :lol:

The first line has a question with an answer.
Evidence of poor quality slate.

Oh shoot an awning window installed incorrectly is an incorrectly installed awning window.

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Wow! I believe Tennessee jut got some approval.
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Here are the answers I was looking for:

When testing flue gas for SSE, what is an electronic analyzer measuring?

Answer: The percent of oxygen

Most houses draw ________ of their air from the soil
A) <1%
B) <3%
C) <7%
D) None of the above
E) All of the above

Answer: e (would accept anything except D)

Which is bigger?
A) Zetta
B) Yocto
C) Yotta
D) Zepto

Answer: yotta

What is a tip off that poor quality slate is being used?

Answer: Ribboning in the color of the slate where a band of lighter colored stone is running through.

The forms used for providing larger openings in a concrete foundations such as doors and windows are called: (may be more than one)

A) Blockouts
B) Pockets
C) Vario brackets
D) Wedge forms
E) Bucks

Answer: a, e (wanted both answers)

If you installed an awning window inside out and upside down, what kind of a window would you have?

Answer: hopper (would accept awning installed incorrectly)

Good questions Dan, thanks for your time.

Nice appreciation comments, Dave.

Thanks, it means a lot to the Awards Committee. :smiley: