Questions of the week of 02/04/2018

Thanks Roy.
I do not think it matters what the prize will be.
Members first need to be attracted to the weekly thread.
That is the question, how to get them all to be here in the first place.
More total views equals more participation, a numbers game.

I got mine…twice!! Thanks Paul, your coffee is da bomb!!

Just got 2 bags of green beans today. Rwanda and Burundi. S-h-i-t-hole countries but great coffee.
I say leave Afghanistan and invade Rwanda. Espresso for all :mrgreen:

I’m going to PM Nick and see if we can’t use some of that lawsuit money and corner the world coffee market.

Coffee facts:
Fake News: It is not the worlds 2nd most traded commodity.

An estimated trade value exceeding $15bn makes coffee the world’s biggest beverage commodity and the tenth-biggest food and beverage commodity by trade volume. The global coffee export volume reached six million tonnes in 2013, while the world annual average coffee price was estimated at $2.58 per kg.

Total coffee production during the year ending June 2013 exceeded 8.5 million tonnes. Brazil was by far the biggest coffee producer followed by Vietnam, Indonesia and Columbia. The EU, consuming more than 2.5 million tonnes annually, was the world’s biggest coffee consumer followed by the US and Brazil which consumed more than 1.2 million tonnes of coffee each.

Brazil, exporting more than 1.6 million tonnes of coffee beans a year, was the biggest coffee exporter followed by Vietnam and Columbia. The EU was the biggest coffee importer followed by the US and Japan.

Most coffee is grown and gathered from small family farms of less than 5 acres, some as little as 1/2 an acre.