Questions of the week of 02/26.17

Questions of the week of 02/26/17

Introduction and requirements:

A member of the Award Committee will post a question, at a random day/time.

A competing member may make one post per question thread to answer the question and the member’s winning entry must have all parts of the question answered completely in that one post. Editing your one answer post allowed will result in disqualification.

Winnings will be limited to no more than 6 times in a given year, the objective is to allow as many Members a chance to win as possible.
Any disregard to the above and divulging the correct answers will forfeit the weekly winnings.

So please refrain from participating if you have already won in the maximum for the Year.

First correct answer (as judged by the Awards Committee or Poster of the Question) wins.

The lucky winner will get a case of “Now that you’ve had a Home Inspection Books” shipped to them at their address on file. Make sure your Address on File with Inachi is correct.

Courtesy of Nick Gromicko.

Winners of the Question of The Week shall request their prize by emailing and submitting their Mailing address for shipping.

Allow 2 weeks for delivery.

The questions:

1. A hot load of concrete can be cooled by

a. Mixing ice with the concrete.
b. Mixing liquid hydrogen with the concrete
c. Both a or b
d. None of the above
2. Concrete Can Be Found in Nature** T/ F

F. False, concrete is a manmade substance
T. True, it can be found in nature
3. Cold joints in concrete are formed by cold weather** T/ F

**4. Hot cement is cement reaching or exceeding the temperature at which Gypsum available in cement,gets converted into Plaster Of Paris **T/ F

d, f, f, f




D t f f


Oops, same as David’s. I’m out



No cigar yet but the week is young.


A, f, t, t

Congratulations Simon!

  1. © True as both ice and liquid nitrogen have been used to cool concrete

  2. True**
    Concrete Can Be Found in Nature**

While we tend to think of concrete as a man-made substance, there is at least one instance of the material occurring in nature. A 12 million year-old deposit has been discovered in Israel. It is the result of the mixing of oil shale and limestone. Although it’s hard to find, concrete does exist in the natural world.

  1. (False) Hot weather causes cold joints.

  2. (True)

Follow instructions for your books.

The concrete in nature was interesting IMO, well played Paul.

Yes, very nice Paul.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Great job again Paul Learned again.

Thanks guys.

Concrete in nature? Was quite surprised to learn that, and found only in Isreal?

I’ll bet even the Rabbi’s don’t know that :mrgreen: