Questions of the week of 03/24/19

Congratulations Marcel!

Thanks guys!
If you try and fail, you try again and again…

I agree!
However, I’ve been trying to convince my wife that for years…:smiley:

1: C
2: B
3: C
4: False

Helloooo Robbie Robert!
How ya been doing.

Robert, did you just woke up?:wink:

Still in Dreamscape. LOL

Good job Marcel!
Thanks for the questions Paul!

Just for the record, I found my answer to #4 On Wiki. What was your source, and is the key “stone”?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mortar joints can be made in a series of different fashions, but the most common ones are raked, grapevine, extruded, concave, V, struck, flush, weathered and beaded.

The “key” is stone. Kind of a trick question.
Source is listed under the answers.

What you guys talking about? I posted the answers before the question of the week started. Like Johnny Carson, Carnac the Magnificent.
The server was lagging. I should have been the first post.:wink:

Sad. Lmao