Questions of the week of 10-29-17

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Courtesy of Nick Gromicko.

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With winter round the corner I thought I would do heating questions.**



  1. A scanner installed in modern combustion control system, functions to**

A. Cut off the fuel supply when the fire goes out
B. Monitors the stack for soot fires
C. Regulate the fuel oil supply pressure
D. Sample the stack gases
2. Steam line water hammer can best be prevented by**

A. Always opening steam valves rapidly
B. Replacing all 90 degree elbows with capped tees
C.Keeping steam temperature below saturation point
D. Keeping line drained and insulated

  1. Why should the drain from a high-efficiency furnace need to be trapped?**

A. To prevent sewer gases from entering the home
B. To prevent pests from entering the unit
C. Exhaust leaks & Negative pressure drains can prevent condensate flow
D. Because code says so

4. Radiators heat by

A. Radiation
B. Convection
C. Conduction
D. All of the above

Bonus question: Answer this as well as the 4 questions and get a bag of Silvertree Inspections Rwanda roast.
Which of the following industrialized countries derives the largest share of its energy from wood biomass?**
• Sweden
• Switzerland
• Norway
• German


Norway don’t know

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Steve gets it all, including the coffee. Sweden gets almost 75% heat from biomass (wood and garbage) for fuel. On different websites the numbers were from 50 to 75%. This biomass fuel is used for heat and generating electricity.

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