Questions of the week of 12/03/17

On diabetes:
…increasing numbers of data indicate that air pollutant exposure is linked to increase risk of developing type 2 diabetes. …Although older research studies have not find any correlation between the poisonous matters and type 1 [diabetes], newer research studies have suggested that it can play a role in the problem. Second hand smoking has also been demonstrated to quicken the onset of type 1 [diabetes] as well. - source: Can Air Pollution Cause Diabetes?

And on Kidney failure:

Air pollution linked to kidney disease risk | Reuters

Congrats Rich on your winning, but there is plenty of research out there to suggest the answer to question 3 is “D - all of the above”

Paul, Great questions again. Thanks to all who help with the questions.

Thanks Paul, Great job!

I qwas quoting indoor air pollution vs air pollution in general.

Not to be overly - argumentative, but 2nd-hand smoke (as a factor in diabetes) is very much indoor air pollution.

In any case, Thanks Paul. We are here to learn, which we do.

No argument Steve. Coming up with questions that cannot be questioned is a challenge as there is a lot of information on the net. In the case of these last questions I did provide links to help not only myself but anyone questioning the answers. I expect to improve and provide more challenging and interesting material as does anyone on the awards committee. You have every right to question the questions. Still, I cannot provide for every possible answer and in the case of indoor air which I think is relevant to inspectors I sourced a site that did not go into all the possibilities including studies which calls out suspected health problems not stated as conclusive.

Regardless, I stand by my research or I would never finish the questions.

I totally knew that. :wink:

I didn’t!:wink:

And I agree with your final decision as being the “final decision”. I do appreciate the hard work you and others put forth.

Don’t worry bout it Roy, cause I love you and that’s all that matters.
In a normal healthy way I mean.*:|.)

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