Questions of the week of 8/26/18

Paul, your deck looks impressive - you got a big deck! (say it fast for the best effect),

Thanks for the birthday wishes - I’ve been known to have a birthday week!

Haha! Happy Birthday Buddy!

While your playin’ with your big deck I would like to know if there are any winners yet?
If not lets take a second go at it.

1: What rating? What is the cantilever for?
NFPA 221 So basically a firewall creates separate independent buildings. In fact Section A.
of the NFPA 221 allows for the portions of the structure subdivided by a firewall to be
considered separate buildings.
2: Wall made of what material? C
3: D
4: A

Bonus question. Arthur Brown.

No one has the answers correct.

To answer R Young. Fire rate assembly made with drywall. I should not assume it can’t be made of other things but drywall is the norm.

Doesn’t matter what the cantilever is for.

No more tries, if the questions don’t get answered they don’t get answered.

Ur! Mean!:smiley:

Yeah, that’s what my wife says/:mrgreen:

Let me add this:
In the building codes there really is no reference to “firewalls” but there are fire resistance rated assemblies, so when we use the term firewall we are misnaming what is referenced in the code. The referenced wall assemblies must meet a certain burn through period so that’s why we have 20 minutes for a door but one hour for the common wall from the attached garage to the inside of the home. I have built condos with a 2 hour burn rate on common walls. Try to hang cabinets when its 2 layers 5/8" drywall and metal studs 24" OC.

Thanks for all your efforts Paul!
I’ve marked our list to reflect no winner this week.

Tough one.
I smelled smoke from many a post. You guys were thinking very hard.

I could hang cabinets on a basketball. Fuggedabout studs at that point - it’s all butterfly bolts and careful measurements. :wink:

Yup, it was butterfly bolts and European style with no scribe ends. I ended up scooping out the drywall and fudging the doors. I would cut an 1/8" off a door and edge band with the same laminate as the doors and boxes. I was always a “can do” kind of guy. I still have my cabinet tools. I have a few hundred hinges and a couple dozen of full extension drawer glides for sale on Craigslist. About $800.00 of hardware for $100.00 and so far no interest.

Maybe you could give hinges out as participation gifts?

Not a bad idea! :smiley:

So can we have the answers then?
Hinges? We don’t need no stinkin’ Hinges! lol - especially those Euro Blums. I’m unhinged and I like it like that.

I’ll give the answers out tonight. Going out in a few minutes, back after 5 my time.

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It can be “after 7 tonight” for a long time, Sir Roy. :mrgreen: :shock: :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep! And it appears he lives in a different time zone… The Twilight Zone!:smiley: