Questions on filling out 4 Point Forms

These questions are being asked in relation to filling to the Citizen’s 4 Point Form and the effects the answers may have on the homeowner receiving coverage.


Do you call out doubletaps if the conductors run to surge supressors, lightning arresters, doorbell transformers?

Do you call out wire splices or wire nuts in service panel?


Under “Heating System” the Age of System is asked. Supposing the air handler and condenser were installed at different times, what would be the “age of system”?

The form asks “are the heating, ventilation and AC systems in good working order?” - How is this determined on a 4 Point? Do you test the heat/cool cycles to get temp readings?


The roof was redone without permitting and nobody is around to tell you the age (or lie about it) - how do you determine “age of roof” and “useful remaining life” if you don’t really know how old the covering is? Is a general guess acceptable here or should I put “unknown?”

Double taps, yes

Wire splices, No

List the ages separately

Test the A/C system with temp readings

I place estimated next to the age, life expectancy is always estimated unless you are psychic.

I hope that helps

I also state “estimated” for the roof as John has said.

I also will write “per homeowner” if no permitting is available for the roofs date.


Hey Bert…have you ever had anything kicked back because of the “per homeowner”? Or, do you do like I do and put that there and tell the client, they might need more than what we have?

10 minute permit search answers a few questions.

No, I haven’t really had anything kicked back. At least no one has ever said anything. And yes, I most definitely tell the client that it’s very likely they will need to provide more. I make sure they are aware of this and maybe that’s why no one has ever come back to say anything to me.


My biggest issue with 4 points is there is no written guideline as to what is a defect and what is not. We have all developed our defect list based on experience but there is no place Im aware that the insurance agencies have said this is a defect over that. Until that happens your best judgement is your guideline. And I also have in different ways noted that the date of something with no permit on file is just a guess. Like “estimated” or NOF Not on File
Ive gone so far to spell it out in the comments section. And yes it is always wise to set your clients expectations prior to the report. I will explain the form and how I need to prove the information and if through public records or documentation it cannot be proved it will go down as a estimate. Havent had a single issue with that approach.

There is classes on four points. I have taught several and took one by Gerry Beaumont many years ago.

It’s Gerry.

He was :frowning: I know because his name is on my awards :slight_smile:

You are correct, fixed

Thank you.