Quick Answer Needed - Reward


Need a quick answer and I am drawing a blank.

What is the name of the plaster that protrudes between the lathe in a plaster and lathe wall? Those little puch through parts of the plaster that holds the plaster to wooden lathe.

Brain flatulance today. Sorry.

First one to answer, fast, e-mail me and I will send you a copy of my new (and funny) presentation PowerPoint.


The Key

scratch coat

how about “keying”

the scratch coat forms the “key”

a) “the key”
b) “the scratchcoat”
c) “keying”
d) “scratchcoat forms the key”
e) all of the above

Bruse King was first with an e-mail, but if you other guys want the presentation (and have the ability, through your ISP to recieve large files) just fire me an e-mail and I will send it to you.

It is funny, but also educational. It is called “Structure - A Case Study”.

Thanks again.

Three coat plaster over wood or metal lathe is as follows:

Scratch coat
Brown coat
Finish coat.

As a mason, I’ve actually installed the stuff when performing disaster restoration work on old Richmond, VA row houses. (It ain’t fun)

Thanks Will, I look forward to watching the presentation.

Let me know what you think, Bruce. I can always use feed back.

BTW: I, along with Ken Demski and Russ Myers, am writing a new course on structure. Title: Everything I know about structure, I learned in Kindergarten.

Use analogies from kids playing with blocks to teach structure principles like loads, stress, compression, etc.

Have a heck of a section on crack analysis. Working with a PhD in Engineering from Northwestern University. Up to 325 PowerPoint slides.

Once we get it state approved, it will be available to all NACHI Chapters.

Hope this helps.

sorry couldnt resist this one…Just say no to crack!