Quick bonding question

Had a service disconnect outside that only used load wires and no neutral. The ground was in the meter base.

Inside was a standard panel with additional service disconnect and they wired it with isolated grounds/neutrals and removed the bonding bar at the bottom.

Whats the best way to remedy this one? I figured just re-bond both busses should correct, and the original disconnect would be irrelevent.

This service needs to be done over. :roll:
The grounded conductor is required to be brought to the service disconnecting means. Also you cannot have the service entrance conductors and the feeder conductors in the same raceway. There also appears to be some other defects but it’s hard to tell from the photo’s.

Learned a new one. Didnt know that both are not alowed in the same raceway. Thanks Robert.

Thats the first time I have seen this one so it threw me off guard. Looks like a do over.

What’s the contaminate that’s all over everything?

(hint-hint). :wink:

I’m not sure what the problem is with this setup. I understand the idea of not sharing a raceway, but that’s not exactly a raceway. And the ground is directly connected because of the direct connection between the boxes. I can just see some obscure exception to the above code existing which would make a replacement recommendation seem over the top. I think I would refer it to an electrician and let him decide.

But I understand being safe instead of sorry.

I let the HI’s decide if this should be called out or not. :slight_smile:

And yes that nipple is indeed a service raceway. I’m not sure how this passed an electrical inspection in the first place.

The installation also violated this:

With out a neutral or a ground on the service disconnect, the person throwing the disconnect could easily become the neutral or the ground for the service disconnect.

The really was 2 disconnects. The primary one outside was nothing more than a place to connect the two sets of wires.

The neutral ran into the inside panel but they wired it for a sub instead of a main. So isolated grounds with no way back to neutral. I would think adding the bar or jumper back in place would resolve the issue.

Still a pretty odd way of doing things.

You would have to get rid of the outside disconnect before your idea would work.


Is that a green bonding screw at the bottom left of the third photo? I thought someone said the grounds weren’t bonded. Is there conduit running between the main panel and the meter?

As I said, the HI calls it out for an electrician to determine if it needs completely replaced or rewired.

As an electrician it needs to be replaced.
From the outside breaker to the inside panel needs to be 4 conductor

If I was the HI I would contact the local building inspection department no matter who I was working for.

My local building inspector does not even know what earth bonding means. And I am sure he does not even enforce it. Sad but true.

Looks like a metallic raceway in photo #3.

From the meter to the service disconnect requires the installation of the grounded neutral conductor. From the service disconnect to the inside panel requires the installation from the service disconnect a grounded neutral conductor that has been bonded to the service disconnect.

What is pictured as best as I can tell is the grounded neutral leaves the meter base and enters the inside panel without going to the service disconnect.

Again this installation needs to be reported to the building inspections department for immediate corrections