QUICK POLL. Everyone please vote.

Easy poll and hopefully Nick and InterNACHI staff can implement.

Should threads more than a year old be locked for additional comment? We have Zombie threads from 5-10-15 years ago popping up with new questions and comments. If these are locked as “read only”, people can start new threads for information. Just an idea.

I like it. Every now and then someone drags up a 10-year old thread.

There is a lot of good stuff in some of those old threads.

I think the ones that are troublesome are marketing articles. Marketing strategies from 5 years ago might as well be 100 years ago.

You’ll get more new threads started.

Yes lock them from any further posts while obviously keeping them open for search and viewing.

Make it so that when someone trys to post a new post it creates a new thread with a reference to the old thread included as a link… maybe… thinking out loud here. :lol:

Voting not as I inspected. I am curious why someone would want to allow comments on an old thread that has had no activity for 5-10 years. 50% of the time is is a spam post from someone pushing some link. Isn’t a new thread better? Anybody want to discuss the reasons for their NO vote?

Weird results. I guess they like resurrecting zombies???

Because if you take the time to go back to the old posts… there are still many posts/threads which may/might/could be useful to to new members.

They don’t go away, you just can’t make new posts to them.

But when you go and delete them because it serves your own personal agenda it keeps all from learning from them (good or bad, it’s censoring) and thus harms all members.


That’s not what this poll is about. It’s about Commenting on Old threads. It doesn’t say anything about reading old threads, or removing old threads. It’s about newbie inspector’s, or ones that don’t visit very often, reviving a seven or eight year old thread and then answering a question that has already been answered many years ago, or posting a new comment that is not even relevant anymore.


I get a lot of value from reading old threads.

And even better when there is updated information in them.

There was one thread, I forget the topic, but Jeff Pope has posted an answer in a thread then a year later, updated his answer to clarify the first answer.

We’d be better served deleting some of the new crap threads that get posted here asking the same basic questions for the umpteenth time this year alone!!! It’s very telling when a newbie needs to search back 5-10-15 years to get to some quality information versus this crap being posted today!

Especially the emergency section.

Reason I voted no is because sometimes known information at the time was wrong and it can be updated.perhaps have old threads over say 2 years be in a special archive group.

Yes there are many strings that have good info that do not show up elsewhere 6 years old Example .
Unusual Things I have found

Nobody is saying delete threads. It is to stop adding new posts to threads that have been dormant for over a year or even 3-5-10 years.

So you feel if some one finds this string and feels there is a lot of information that others might like they should not be able to tell about it .