Quick question, plus some additional characters

Is this a backflow check valve?

It looks like it.

Did you bother to get a picture of the label on top of it to check against Google?

This is the only pic I have. A lake on top?

Typo …Tag!

I figured. Is there a chance it is anything else?

Label on top…

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Right. Could it be anything beside a check valve?

Thanks, Roy!.. :smile:

It could be a pressure reducing valve. I don’t believe that I’ve seen a check valve with a body like that, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t. A photo of the tag & model number or at least the top of the valve would be useful for the future.

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Yes. It looks like this. I’ll get the tag info next time…

Maybe a pressure relief valve.

A relief valve requires a discharge port.

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The dome shaped top with the adjustment screw and the spring retention cap on the bottom are characteristic of that type of valve.

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You are right, I meant a pressure reducing valve.

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Chuck I think you nailed it, looks like a pressure reducing valve.

My guess: Pressure reducing valve.

What was the line coming from and where was it going?
Was it a cold or hot water line.

Now you want facts? I thought this was a guessing game… :rofl: :joy: :thinking:

From the limited view I’d GUESS its a PRV not a check valve BUT as several have stated … NEED more info or better pic

It is a Pressure Reducing Valve or what we (including plumbers) around these parts call (simply) a Pressure Regulator. And these will also act as a check valve. So if you see one, the system should have a Thermal Expansion Tank (or other device to compensate for thermal expansion.