Quick Question Today

I can’t seem to find this answer anywhere, but is there any state requirements (in PA) or certifications needed to offer water testing?


That is a list of labs. You could call them and they will tell you.

It depends where and what you are doing testing for. It would be helpful to know a little more to give you an accurate answer.

Do you have any training in water quality and treatment?

I certified my wife to test our pool water. Does that count?? The instructions on how to intrepret the strips are on the package. Come on Adam I thought Scott trained you better than that.:wink:

Ok i’ll go ahead and check it out. Scott didn’t train me for anything, a bit of advice is about it. I’m pretty sure theres alot more accurate ways to test water then strips. Unfortunatly no, I havent had a chance to get any kind of water treatment training, that’s why I was asking, I wasn’t sure if there was any and I couldn’t find any info. on past threads about it… thanks for the link Ian.

Joe Farsetta can answer that for you, drop him a PM.