Quick radon testing?

Is there an electronic radon tester available that provides same day results?

My Sun Nuclear has both average and current readings, but a 48 hr. minimum closed condition test is required. See www.sunnuclear.com for more info.

The State of NH is conducting a survey on radon and I volunteered just out of curiosity. They are sending out 25,000 kits and I received my yesterday, It looks like a sponge, I’m supposed to hang it up in a room for 3-7 days and send it to the lab. Should be interesting, my house is 175 years old with a dirt floor in the basement. I’ll keep everyone posted.

Peter, want to share a link?


According to the EPA, when a Radon test is taken for the purposes of a Real Estate transaction, 48 hrs is required for the test to be valid no matter what method is used.

The CRM’s are nice becuase you can get results instantly at any point during the test, but 48 hrs is still required.

Thomas, the link I have with the paper work is www.des.nh.gov

Passive devices (open-face charcoal, closed charcoal, liquid scintillation, carbon electret, etc) require between 2 and 7 days of exposure (short-term testing), using 2 devices.

Active monitoring (continuous radon monitor including Sun Nuclear), also require between 2 anf 7 days, but permits only one device.

The State of NJ requires only one passive device be used.

Grab Samplers are not EPA approved for radon testing for a real estate transaction.

Be sure that the lab and devices you use are from a STATE approved lab. If not, you could be in a heap of trouble.

Yes, the electrit from an e-perm ion chamber can be used unfiltered for a 5 minute test. You need a computer program to compute the results (provided by the co.).

There are also other methods to sample “grab tests”.

These are diagnostic testing methods and not approved for Real Estate testing protocol. But if that is all your client wants…

In the military we use to grab quick air samples and have readings in a couple of minutes, but this is definitely outside the scope of homes. :wink:


I inspected a house that already had a monitoring machine present in the living room. The house has a crawlspace and all of the vents were open, is this correct procedure?