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QuickBooks Online


Maybe I am doing something wrong but does the desktop version of HomeGauge only work with the desktop version of Quickbooks? I did a search on this MB and HomeGauge support and found nothing regarding this type of question. When I try to extract the invoices from HG I get this message.

https://openmerchantaccount.com/img/HG.QB error.PNG

I currently have QuickBooks Online and would like to upload the invoices I already have in Desktop HomeGauge to QuickBooks Online if possible. If not, is there a way to extract that data to a spreadsheet so I can upload to QBO?

Or am I stuck and just need to manually add the data into QuickBooks Online?

Thank you!!

The built in QB sync was for the desktop QB and not the more popular online one. We are removing it from the desktop and will come up with a better way from our HG Services online.

Meanwhile you could try on the menu line of HG software : Office>Business Report

I use desktop QB. Does this mean I won’t be able to anymore?

Ok thank you.