Quintie Real Estate Education Day

I have had the InterNachi booth at the Quintie Real Estate Education Day in Belleville for the past two years. It is great for marketing because there are 250 Real Estate Agents there and only 5 booths. 1 bank, 2 mortguage co’s., 1 well busters, 1 advertising company, and I am the only Home Inspector.
They raised the price to $500 this year from $400 so Nick is going to kick in 1/3 rd. and I am looking for a Quintie Area Inspector to join me for another third. Nick supplies the booth, banner, table cloth and flyers,etc. you just need to bring your own material and $200 (booth and shipping on banner) Date is Sep. 30m. 8:30 to 4:30

If interested call Tim 613-848-8633

HI Tim!

Love the county ( even with all those foreigners moving in from Toronto!!;-)). Did three down there last week on three consecutive days of course. Got to know the guys at the Glenora ferry quite well!

Sure hope they don’t go ahead with the wind farm though. It turned rural Wolfe Island into an industrial site. Hate to see that happen to Cherry Valley.

Good luck at the show.