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When taking a NACHI course, can I stop after a quiz, log out, and will I log in again at that place or do I have to start in the beginning of the course again?

I think you can go back and forth , But the finial exam you have do it all at once .
It is timed .

All of InterNACHI’s online courses www.nachi.org/education.htm have a navigation bar on the left border of every page of the course.

You can move about the course to wherever you left off, rewind, repeat, skip, take the sections in the order of your choosing, etc.

What wwilson3 said.

LOLOL thanks Nick

The (Kiss Theory) Thats me

If you do leave though, my suggestion is to make a note to yourself where you left off. I find that when I leave a class before finishing it, I often don’t make it back for a long time… I think I’ve re-started the termite course 3 times now, because I can never remember where I left off. :mrgreen:

Isn’t old age awful Mark:neutral:

I’m not putting words in Marks mouth but old age beats the alternative to it.

Very true very true

I’ll say… last time I started the termite course, I did write down where I stopped. Unfortunately I left the note in my car, and now…:frowning:

I don’t know… I’m getting to the age that if the part doesn’t hurt, it probably doesn’t work.

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No Wayne, the worst part is when you don’t know if the girls are smiling or lauging at you! :shock::smiley:

Thanks everyone for your answers. I’ll try to remember not to forget.

lol True ken , in my case and think it is the laughing part.

Well then, put your pants back on… :mrgreen::D:D:D

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