Quiz For "Inspectors"


Which tank will fill up first?

Post your answer on this thread but do not discuss it. Let others have a chance
to figure it out. Winners are REAL inspectors. :mrgreen:


The one lowest to gravity. Number 4


fill up means to reach its maximum potential.
Kind of looks like a septic system

3 & 4 at the same time

Tank 2 will fill first

Yep #3 will fill first, edit no tank 2 will fill first!

Tank #4.

Tank 3 cannot reach the top of the tank until tank 4 has reached capacity causing tank 3 to fill above the drain between 3 and 4.

Tank 2. Look at it.

3 & 4



If the drawing is accurate then tank #2 will fill first.


You are correct Tom!

John, you changed it from the one I saw. Answer still the same though…#2


Definitely 2. Gotta looks close

Tank 1

How did he change it?

And how is your answer the same since this is your first response?