Quiz Time!


It’s middle of summer here in sunny west central Ohio.:slight_smile:

Can anyone tell me if there’s insulation in the 2nd floor ceiling of this new construction???:eek:
TH780015.jpg TH780005a.jpg TH780005.jpg TH780008.jpg

how’d they do that :wink:

When the insulation guy in the attic yelled out for the guy below to turn on the
pump and “let er’blow”… they guy below thought he said “snow”… and drove
off in the truck thinking they got the day off.

I would drive off too, if someone yelled snow at me, in the middle of the summer…:slight_smile:

I do not know anything about IR cams but I would say no, because I can see the sheetrock joints so clearly, probably not finished yet.

Am I close?

Am I right?

Or am I wrong?

Circle- Yes No




now what?

Someone just left the radiant heat on!

Climb up through the scuttle, and look.

I’d say no, based on the minimal information I have…

Not bad Dale!:slight_smile: I’ll give you an “A” for effort since you guessed correctly, but not necessarily for the right reasons.:slight_smile:

It’s the framing you see (trusses, rafters, etc) which would generally correspond to the drywall seams of course. One should be able to “see” this regardless if there is insulation or not. It’s the temperature differences and effects between the framing and the drywall that we look at. If it’s an uninsultated exterior cavity in this weather, as the images show, the framing will appear cooler than the panels. If it were insulated, the framing would appear warmer than the panels.
I won’t go into specific physics of why unless you really want me too… I didn’t think so…:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for playing along!!!:mrgreen:

You are correct.

In this instance, one generally doesn’t need much more information other than the A/C was running. Just an understanding of thermal dynamics with a little experience kicked in.:slight_smile:

This particular house, there was no access due to the design. I think the insulating contractors ran into this problem as well and either failed to tell the GC or together they hoped it wouldn’t be discovered.:wink: It was blown cellulose in the lower portions of the house.

They probably figured it was either too hot or too cold up there to go up and check.

Assuming you have cooled the interior - no there is not. Found a whole single story wing like that Friday