Quote does not work more than half the time

Anyone else having a hard time to quote a statement? Mine don’t work unless I copy and paste it and sometimes that don’t work.

It depends on the browser you use, try a different browser. The issue I run into is the quote gets removed and I have to put it back second time to make it stick. This usually only happens when quoting last post in the thread.

Not I ! …

It was working fine before with the same browser, Microsoft Edge.

Worked that time.

OMG you sound like a customer! Everything works until it doesn’t :slight_smile: Try a different browser and you will know if it’s microsoft edge acting up. The “same” software is rarely the same because it undergoes updates and things change within it (caching, settings, third party addons it relies on, etc…)

That’ why I hate this Microsoft edge and this whole windows 10. Things change on the system without knowing it did. I’d go back to windows 7 anytime.

Marcel, it’s just a browser, hang in there! :slight_smile: Just install Chrome&Firefox (free), try both and see if they give you an issue. If they don’t, go back to edge and reset its cache. Check any third party addons you may have for the Edge, they could be interfering with the quoting function of the forum.

I’ll try the cache’ first, because I don’t know how to switch Inachi to chrome or firefox and I have both of those that I use regularly.

This has happened a few times with me as well.

Easy fix Marcel,

If the quote doesn’t show up in your text box, click the “quote” symbol in the LH corner, next to the “B”, it will then populate the quote. If after you post it and it then fails to populate, click on the “pencil” icon to edit your post and then click on the “quote” symbol again to re-populate the quote, then click “reply”.

Works every time for me.

I use edge on my PC and have not had any issue. Using my stupid phone is when I have issues with quoting and seeing pictures in a post.

I’ve only had it happen a few times lately. I’m running Google Chrome on my cell and Firefox on my desktop. It seems to be a forum glitch. It did work for me when I quoted Marcel earlier.

Thanks Kevin

LOL, it populates I guess. :rofl:

Your welcome Marcel. :+1:

Same problem. Sometimes it works sometimes it does not even when using the same browser.

The problem is with the Forum/MB, not your browsers! This has been a piece of crap from day one!


I just add a period or take one away or change the quote some how that will not, typically, be noticed and never have a problem.

A work around but it is a new forum/MB, as JJ stated.

That’s what I do also. If I quote the full post, I leave off the last punctuation mark. If I’m only quoting a portion of the full quote, it’s not an issue… ever.

Example. :wink: