I was asked a question Via E-mail that I did not have a immediate answer for and it was a good question so I will post the question and my answer after research.

Question **units that have been changed out should have either a liquid line dryer or a suction line dryer, but never both. Is this something new with the R410?

**After research my answer is yes they can have both suction and liquid line dryers and the higher capacity of the dryer the better as R410A is highly prone to moisture absorption more so than other refrigerants one should not leave the system open to the atmosphere while making repairs as the oil in this system will absorb high levels of moisture which in turn would require the system to be placed in a vacuum for a longer period of time to remove the moisture.


Good info Charley, thanks.

I spoke to an HVAC dude yesterday and he said “suction or liquid line, not both, and watch because some units have a built in dryer and you don’t want two in series”. :-k

Ever seen that?

Yes I have observed two in series on the liquid line and that is a NO NO

I just looked at my R410 2001 model Bryant heat pumps and they have what looks like exactly like two driers but the one inside is labeled “muffler”. They also have accumulators inside the cabinet.