R.I.P. Mary Ann

:cry: :cry:

She was the epitome of the “Girl Next Door” and the “All American Girl” wrapped up in one.

RIP Dawn, fondly and forever remembered by me and millions of others as Mary Ann.

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Not to turn this into a COVID thread, but I do question the validity of the claim of cause of death. I follow Dawn on FB, and on Christmas Eve, she posted a few video’s that show her to be happy, bright, bubbly, and exhibiting NO indications of being ill.

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Too late, in 2020 nobody died from old age, stroke, heart attack, cancer, flu, cold, accidents, or even bomb explosion. All deaths were covid related. Welcome to the new world, Jeffrey :shushing_face:


Right, because people like you know more than the doctors and scientists.

Maybe you should try and start some nutjob conspiracy theory, oops, my bad, you just did.

COVID deaths became a little fishy for me after I read an account of a 24 years old male that died when he lost control and crashed his motorcycle. His death was recorded as a COVID death.


This thread started good, then “Covid” was brought up…


We’re getting closer.

More than 82 percent of those who have died from the disease have been older than 65, underscoring the urgency in getting older Floridians vaccinated, the governor said Wednesday.



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Hubala Hubala she was the best.

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In all the “Mary Ann vs. Ginger” polls I’ve seen, she always won. RIP!!

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I was a Mary Ann man myself.

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Second paragraph of the story, and the Headline in most all ‘other’ news sources!!

Why does it matter?

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