R-Matte Plus Insulation

Just curious if anyone sees any issues with R-Matte Plus being installed on the ceiling joists in an attic. It looks like this is intended to be covered up by a fire barrier material such as drywall. There would be drywall underneath it at the ceiling but open attic space above. Just wondering if I should mark as a defect or just comment. This was at approximately 1/4 of the attic space.

Not every defect answers your questions as easy as this one. Insulation_LI (2)

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Thank for your reply. Yeah I agree I don’t like the idea of it being there and am recommending removal. Figured I would just comment and not check as deficient.

A product that isn’t installed as the manufacturer requires is certainly “deficient”.

Yes I did end up marking it as deficient and recommended removal. Thank you guys for your input! It is nice to have you all when we run into something we are not used to seeing.

Explain why you are recommend removal? You a code authority?

Observation: R-MATE PLUS rigid insulation on the ceiling joists.
R-Matte® Plus-3:
Recommend: Further reviews by a licensed general contractor in your area.