Racing cars and IR

I was sent this by Flir. Cool!

Red Bull racer on IR

That was fun.

Very cool…

If you think that’s awesome check this out!

Paul’s got yours beat


Nice video Paul

I like this one. Shows what the tires do when the driver weaves to heat them up. Nice crash at the end.

Didn’t know I’d be watching stuff like this when I got into IR:shock:

All work and no play male’s Paul a dull boy;-)


And you think I haven’t been to Indy (WORKING)?!

If we can get past the Flir1, maybe we can actually work in the IR Field and make some damn money!..

I may be a new participant in IR but I have already promoted it as an ancillary service that comes with a fee. Basic IR $150.00 if used during a home inspection, minimum $500.00 for 4 hour IR work.

I have been spending time reading up on uses and camera skills. So far I am finding IR more involved than I first figured.

I don’t feel I’m losing any business by promoting IR as a fee value added service.

I think we are past that now and on to bigger and better. :roll::roll:

Kind of like the C2 but its not to be confused or even compared to a real IR camera.

Same with many other things, low cost means less of something. You can’t make a camera for $500 that does what an $8000 camera does. I think Flir will lose some product confidence with these cheap offerings. Why would pros buy Flir when the name becomes identified with homeowner purchases. Some big tool companies lost contractor sales when they started their homeowner lines of tools.