Racism catches up to Rush

Stellar American that Rush…

More BS…


The KC Chiefs have lost 28 of their last 30. Rams are not the worst. Do not take all news as truth.

St. Louis fans expect their teams to win. Limbaugh, being all mouth, will certainly run afoul of his dutiful disciples in St. Louis after his second losing season. Not a good move for the air bag with lips. Actually delivering the goods…instead of detracting from those who do…is something he has never done.

Rush has done more for the conservatives right than any one
person ever has. Regarding an NFL football team, he has
never owned one, so how can he “deliver the goods”? :roll:

Speaking of air bags with lips:roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::wink:

Rush playing “Puff the Magic Negro” constantly on his radio show does not help is case any. Nope, no racism there.

Yes he plays that terribly funny parody piece.

But Rush never made that statement.

Do you know who did?

There’s certainly no place for racists in the NFL.

Hypocrites? Well, that’s another story.

Big surprise here!

Hey Joe, as a lawyer, what do you think Rush’s chances would be if he sued these jerks for slander?

Phenomenal. He could put them out of business.

Defamation is the absolute best case you can possibly have.


You do not have to prove damages.

I hope he does. Someone needs to put these people in their place. They can’t just run rough shod over people in order to advance their own agendas.

  1. The quotes attributed to Mr. Limbaugh were never said by him. False post by Huffington, and spread to Wikipdeia. Now, the ISP of the Wikipedia “contributer” traced to a law firm. And, that law firm has opened a new “sports representation” group.

Lesson: ALWAYS check the report for citations.

  1. The so-called “Barack, the Magic Negro” quote originated from the L.A. Times. Then Al Sharton “raised them up”. The parody song, done my Shenkin, had a parody of Al Sharpton singing them. Not what Rush said, but what various “extrotionist” “Race Pimps” had said about President Obama.

  2. Why do people even still listen to the “downstream media”. They are in the tank for the libs, and can never admit they were wrong or back down.

Hope this helps;

Well done Will, you’ve posted as I understand the facts on this episode.
Never a dull moment around these issues…

I’m with Mark, I hope Rush fights back.:wink:

There is always ironic pleasure in watching one forced to swallow what he feeds to others.

The press needs to write stories based upon reporting, i.e., digging up the facts and doing the leg work.

In this case, they just relied on other people’s (Biased, False and simply MADE UP) stories.

Look at these, researched and cited sources:


This, from a Pulitzer Prize winner:


And, when found out, the opposition just falls back to their default position:


And, for those of you who don’t bother to critically read, if at all:


And, when caught by their own lack of adult thinking and “journalism” even blacks MUST keep to the “Party Message”, even if it is against fellow black liberals:


And, What Rush actually said:


Check it out for yourself. Read, critically! Don’t have your own, predetermined agenda. Just look at the facts, research (easy, now, with the internet) and LEARN.

As home inspectors, we are called to be objective, un-biased and professional, and to do our homework. We must look stuff up, and provide documentation to back up our findings.

And you would do less, with regards to the future of our country?

I hope that those of you who are serious and adult about life and the future of our country would not.


Could you be more specific, proivide doumentation and citations and back up your opinon?.

But, first, could you please state your opinion, specifially?

Where, exactly, do you stand on this issue?

Bushart (snitch) feels safer while mocking, but will not defend
a point with logic. He does not have the balls or logic to feel
safe in that arena.