Radiant Heat

Pics from an inspection this morning.

Radiant Heat Pics 007.jpg

Radiant Heat Pics 001.jpg

Radiant Heat Pics 005.jpg

What type floor material is that? Was it cold or warm with hot liquid circulating?

Daves not here man.

Dapkus… Dave… same difference! :mrgreen:

Cool pictures Linas, could use that more than once on the job after the concrete is poured and the framers need to know where not to shoot hilti pins.
All we do is take pictures and layout the walls prior to pouring the concrete. :):cool:

That’s what I was doing, The home had an unfinished basement that was being finished. The builder needed to know where to drill for Tapcons to secure his base plates. Owner had me mark the areas of concern.

What did you do with the $20?

$175 for a half hour of work. You charge half that for a 4 hour condo inspection don’t you Condo Bob? Plus you write the Charmin soft reports for those realtors you stole from me. I had them trained and you went soft. Pitiful. At least Joe doesn’t steal my clients when I refer him for radon testing.

Here’s a skylight that has a leak that I found this morning.

3-13-10 IR 001.jpg

3-13-10 IR 002.jpg

Just had a 70’s flashback:)

Kinda opens up a hole new avenue for IR cameras. Nice work

It was only 10 or 11 ,I lost count.

Changing name to Charmin Inspections :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it true you just use a regular camera and photo shop the colors?


Nice IR images of the radiant heating.

At least you didn’t detect leaks like this one…

Great picks linus. I have some for a radiant ceiling I’ll post sunday.