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Home Inspectors discussed with Mr. MClure from OAHI :twisted:

Great post thanks Scott .

It is long but well worth listening too .
Much good information a little not to my liking .
Many things that we need to think about big time .
A good one to listen too again in the future .

Bruce McClure has nailed it correctly that at least a Home Inspector must belong to an Association. Where he either fails to see or does not not know is a Government has only gave them permission to open the business. The government does not support any Association. As for his comment about Certified Master Inspector he should have done his research.
It is too late to back out now as he has made it aware that CMI’s have no place in Home Inspection. Big mistake on his part for this!
I have had clients tell me that they were not allowed to follow the Home Inspector they hired on the Inspection.
I have had Real Estate Agents say “Oh no you can’t use him on this Inspection.”
I have had Real Estate Agents cause trouble for my Clients by putting pressure on them to sign before seeing the report.
I have had Home Owner limit the amount of time in there home to Inspect.
Many many examples of hidden problems that they were hoping the buyer would not find.

He has been a OAHI member for many years , I would be disappointed if he did not support them .
I support NACHI but was a member of OAHI for a few years and know a little bit about them.
Please do not forget OAHI is the only group who was doing any thing for our industry since the last century .
They set the standard if we can improve on it great but so far I am not impressed with what is going on. OAHI has had monthly meeting for their member for well over 20~ years .
When was the last time we had a NACHI meeting in ONTARIO???

Roy I did want to get it right in the first place. This you can find out from Nick.:wink:
As for them setting the standard I cannot agree as I have seen the reports used and even some of my clients have asked me.
What report do you use? I hope it is not one of those useless OAHI ones! Times have changed and the Associations must make the change to keep up.
Looks like they have Horizon in there pockets now.
I prefer InterNachi being in my Home Gauge, kind of like Chocolate in my Peanut Butter.\:D/