Radio Show

Just a reminder for everyone.

This Morning!

Thursday April 6th on CJBQ in Belleville Ont 800 on the AM dial .
9:00 am till 11:00

Break a leg. (preferably someone elses)


  • Turn on Telefunken and tune to 800 on A.M. dial.
  • Wait for tubes to warm up
  • Large static discharge from antenna
  • Cat running and hiding ( good sign)
  • Speakers begin to hum as final amplification tubes cut in
  • Huge burst of noise from speakers ( check to see if cat now inside Telefunken.
  • Occaiaional word heard over blast of interference
    *** Ray! Send help! O.A.H.I. / C.A.P.H.I. noise generating equipment set up in this area to drown out Roy. Black helo’s hovering over back yard! Men with odd uniforms, tool belts and check lists approaching house! Am deploying pictures of Nick and strings of garlic . . . . . . . . **

Don’t forget the crosses,for god’s sake don’t forget the crosses

It’s OK. It was only the neighbourhood crows and the delivery man bringing my breakfast Pizza.

Good Job Roy! Try talcum powder on that squeaking floor. Pour it on the cracks and then lightly tap the floor with a rubber hammer or a real hammer wrapped in a towel. It may take a while for the powder to make it’s way to the scene of the crime ( couple of days or a week or two - you don’t have to tap all that time Larry!) but I have found ( in the flooring business for a while) that it does work.

Thanks Geo it went well They had a lot of replies at the Station too. Had to turn down calls .
I had two before I even got out of the parking lot at the station .
Here are just a sample of some e-mail I have received so far.
Invited back in September. I will try and tape this next show.
Great questions .
I Enjoyed it very much Roy Sr

[size=2][FONT=Arial][size=2]Good Morning Roy
Just finished listening to the radio program and found it very informative.
Could you please send me a copy of your flyer with the helpful hints. I
would also like you to send me your Website address.
Best Regards Jim


Hi Roy: Would you kindly send me a flyer. Thanking you, Clyde

Would you be good enough to add my name to your monthly newsletter. Thanking you in advance.
Question: I would like to recieve your home hints bulletin and also cost and availibility of your home reference text._________________________________
Question: I heard a very good show today on cjbq with yourself and Peter. I would like to receive your newsletter please as you said we could request it for free on this radio show.

Thank you for the very informative show.

Question: applying new asphalt shingles over an old layer, providing allcurled shingles have been cut/broken off.

Question: Please e-mail me the flyer you mentioned on Peter Thompson's show this morning. You had some very useful information and enjoyed the show very much. Thank you.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------Please put me on the mailing list for your flyers.
I’d also like the last one you sent out which you referred to on CJBQ this morning - thanks!
Doug W

please sign me up

Please send flyer to Thanks.

Question: Can you please send flyer.

Very interesting listening to you on CJBQ open line

Holly romolly! Good for you Roy! You know they like you, seeing they have asked you back a third time! Nice to see you get the exposure, good on ya.

Can I get a photographed photo?

I did try and get you on my car radio, but to no avail. Out of range.

Hey George, et al…

Do you remember the tiny crystal radios they use to make? Can you still get them? They sure would be a novelity in todays I-pod world!

Here is a photographed photo? of the Team . But why do you want it A signed Cheque would be better.
Char is a CHI and full NACHI member also . She to has completed over 30 hours of continuing education this year. But why do you want it . Team .jpg

Hey! Didn’t I see that photo down at the Post office? Had a couple of numbers under each face to!

I remember the “rocket Radio” I got one Christmas. Hook the single wire to a pipe, or an aluminum window and … VIOLA! the world was out there just waiting to be heard. Radio doesn’t sound right unless there is static and some heterodyne whining in the background. I used to spend hours ‘DXing’ radio stations on that crystal set - WABC from New York, WOWO Wheeling West Virginia, CHUM from the Big Smoke and the occasional station from Mexico or beyond. I know I sound like my Grandfather but where is the adventure in tuning 10,000 songs on an IPOD?

And then there was my Dad’s short wave set. “CQ,CQ,CQ, ALL STATIONS, CQ…”

What a cute couple…I think Ray wants an autographed photo.:mrgreen:
The Merlot is slurring his writing.

Glory Days are here again
Special site Enjoy, for the old timers like Raymond and George.

Crystal Sets? Yup, you’ve found an entire site about building Crystal Sets. The Society has been growing over the past 13 years as word gets out to enthusiasts. Still, some people are flabbergasted to find an entire society dedicated to Crystal Set radios (or “Xtal Sets”). One web surfer e-mailed, “I was so excited to find your site that I fell off my chair!” The Xtal Set Society publishes a newsletter and numerous books, all of which you can find more information about on this site.
–Rebecca, The Crystal Queen, Editor, Xtal Society News

You have to take some courses before and after you join the Society. They will make you a full voting member after you build 250 crystal radios.:mrgreen:

Bet they have 5,000 members too! (Bozo the Clown laugh from the Simpsons)

By the way I will be 50 in June. Oh no. You know you are getting old when you start off a story with, … “I remember…” :wink:

I also remember the little Crystal sets about the size of a small wooden match box.

WOW! soon Raymond can Join CARP ( Canadian ***. of Retired Persons ).
He then will be able to get the seniors discounts at many places.
Remember to keep your card with you.
Welcome to the best stage of your life …
Roy sr


Originally Posted by rcooke
*Here is a photographed photo? of the Team . But why do you want it A signed Cheque would be better.
Char is a CHI and full NACHI member also . She to has completed over 30 hours of continuing education this year. But why do you want it .