Radon 1030

Anybody using the newer Sun 1030? If so, I would like to speak, type to you!!

If not then ignore the post!!

Yes Dave. Used it for about 1 year now. Shoot me a PM or email or call…


Thanks for the help Ray, Sun sent me documents, info and I am awaiting approval of my submitted QA to the OH Dept of Health

Are the monitors EPA approved now?

It is in Ohio, still trying to get my QA revised for Dept of Health.

still 1027…
Sun Nuclear will hate this post…
what is the (measurable) difference between a 1027 and a 1030 in obtaining a verifiable radon result…



Don’t ask me “3 of what?” :wink:



Compare yourself (see above)
I own 4 1027 and now 1 1030

many, numerous updated features including report, software, battery life, tampering.

Night and day isn’t David? Don’t get me wrong, still got much love for my 1027. Just got it back from calibration. 10 year old machine :slight_smile:

Yes, the report is so much better!!
Have you ran the 1030 next to the 1027 for cross or duplicate checks? I am curious to see how it compares.

I am running a 84 hour test with 1030 at a maintenance inspection for Monday. Nice to set test to specs on machine.

Maybe each year I will sell a 1027 and add a 1030.
4 to 1, 3 to 2, 2 to 3, 1 to 4. They are not that much more than a 1027.

I wonder if I asked a client, would you like me to use the basic radon test for $$$. Or premium test for say $25 more than the 1027?

Hey Dave,

I’m interested in purchasing one of Sun Nuclear Radon testers. Does the 1030 model printout tampering and power interruption errors like the 1027 and 1028 models?

Thanks, Tim
Hughes Home Inspection Services

I had to send the 1030 back as there was a problem with the humidity sensor. Was on most or all of the 1030’s.
I still use the (4) 1027 monitors and they have been reliable.

The one downside is the old software is not compatible with windows 10.

I hope this helps.