Radon canisters

Where is the best place to buy radon cannisters?


Set up a professional account for better pricing.



Agree best bang and quality for the buck!
Absolutely set-up a business account!!



these are cheaper and come with free shipping. as you need 2 canisters for any real estate transaction.

same company that makes the RadStar CRM

just contact them for a pro account. and order away. or just save money over time and pick up a few CRM’s they pay for them selves in no time. and get instant report on day 2. no waiting for lab tests.

Until you sign up for a Business Account, you WILL NOT see the actual cost to you. I pay less than half for the products shown on the site, and I NEVER use the USPS mailers or FREE shipping from anyone on “Time Sensitive” products. RTCA has a policy of results back same day as received. I always ship out same day as picked up and using Overnight service. This equates to results back the NEXT DAY! Very rarely did the deadline get missed, usually from weather conditions disrupting shipping.


Thank you.

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